Harry L Day Series 2 Hay River 1907 - 1909

SERIES 2. PHOTONEGATIVES - HAY RIVER, [1907-1909].  6 items.  0015 to 0020.

Images of Hay River and surrounding area includes 3 taken by H.W. Jones. Activities featured are a dog-team ploughing, bringing home hay by dog sled and carpentry.


Item No.                                      Description

0015    Dog team-ploughing. Trained. Glen T. Marsh.  H.L.D. Hay River, Great Slave Lake, N.W.T.

0016    Bringing home hay in winter by dog sled.  H.L.D.  "Photo by H.W. JONES, Hay River, Ct' Slave Lake, N.W.T."

0017    Sawing boards, Hay River. H.L.D.  "Photo by H.W. JONES. Hay River, Gt' Slave Lake, N.W.T."

0018    Mr. [Charlie] Johnson, Hay River. We won't starve just now. H.L.D.  "Photo by H.W. JONES, Hay River, Gt' Slave Lake, N.W.T.'[Man holding large fish.]

0019    Off to the nets. Fish Point near Hay River, G.S. Lake.  [Men in 3 row boats; dogs on shore in foreground.]

0020    S.S. Mckenzie at Hay River. The new steamer, something like the Mayflower with twelve rooms on board.