Harry L Day Series 3 Miscellaneous NWT 1907 - 1909


Most of the photonegatives in this series are of unknown locations, and may include several pictures taken in Alberta. One negative, taken by Bishop Reeve, features the Days at Athabasca Landing, Alberta, apparently embarking on their journey to Fort Simpson. The series consists primarily of images of people; many identified, including Jessie and Willie McSwain and Alan Hardisty, a catechist. Images also depict paying treaty, a trading tent, and a Dane camp. Three were taken by H.W. Jones.


Item No.                                      Description

0021    The scows leaving Athabasca Ld. [Landing], July 27th/07. The [French?] Lady, the Police-man looking for fire water, Mr. Vale [teacher at Hay River?) and ourselves (the Days].  The long poles are oars.  The one at the back of Harry is the sweep. Taken by Bishop Reeve.

0022    One of our canoes shooting a rapid at Moose River.

0023    R.C. Mission. Fort Norman.

0024            This is the coal we use. How you like it?  "Photo by H.W.

JONES, Hay River, N.W.T. [written on front:]  Wooding up. H.B.C.S.S. Wrigley, MackenzieRiver, N.W.T.

0025            Paying Treaty.  H.L.D.  [A group of people before an open tent.]  [Photo by H.W. Jones.]

0026                Part view of a trading tent. [Small boy in foreground; tent and people in the background.]

0027                Jessie & Willie McSwain. Now Fort Norman1 late of Hay River. H.L.D.     Jessie (1885-1982). (Manand awomanholdingababy.]

0028                [Identifications, excluding the three small children, from left to right:]  Michael, Rose Kirkley, Annie McPherson, Bella Kirkley, [Enna?] Sibbeston, Don Lenny.

0029                Alan Hardisty - Catechist, wife and some of the family. H.L~D. [Man, woman and 5 children.]

0030                Joe & Willie, John, Granma, Eliza and FloraHope. Oh the size of it. H.L.D.

0031                [The names written on the back of the photograph appear to have been placed as to identify the people when the picture is held up to the light.

The identifications are:] [Back row] School Marm, Harry, The Preacher who [illegible] the gum, etc.

[Middle row] Henry Laferty, Margaret Sibbeson, Emily, Louise, William Edwards.

[Front row] Adele (Johnson?], Mary Sibbeson, John Hope, Charlie Marsaline.

0032                Getting a moose skin ready for dressing. Taking off hair and fat. "Photo by H.W. JONES, Hay River, Ct. Slave Lake, N.W.T." [A woman scraping a skin.]

0033                [A group of school children.  Several hoId black boards with messages:] 

"Jack River School, March [1st, 1917?].  "My brother is at the front.  Is yours?"  "My uncle is at the front." 

"[Honor Roll? 56 wounded, 3 killed, 2 missing]."

0034                An Indian camp showing winter's supply of fish hanging up.

0035                A log cabin under construction.

0036                [Printed on the frbnt of the post card:]  [LouiseLaimeure?] with the milk & Mr. Thompson the [Prec. student?]. 

[Three people in the yard with sheep.]