Elk Points First Hospital


ELK POINT'S FIRST HOSPITAL - was located east of our present day United Church and served the community well for a number of years

Elk Point's first hospital began operating in 1923. It was situated on the lot east of our  present  day  United Church. It was privately ow-ned by Dr. F. G. Miller and Dr. A.G. Ross. This hospital con­sisted of a small office, an examining room, an operating room and a room that housed the X-Ray equipmemt. Two rooms on the second floor con­tained four to six beds with an additional two beds located downstairs.

During the summer a tent was set up behind the hospital and was used whenever the hospital was overcrowded. A small Delco power plant was located in a building near the hospital. It provided elec­tricity to both the hospital and the doctor's home. In 1926 a fire destroyed the power plant and building. A bucket brigade manned by many vol­unteers narrowly saved the hospital  from  being  des­troyed.


TRAGEDY AVERTED - A bucket brigade saved Elk Point's first hospital when the adjacent power plant building caught fire.

The hospital staff was made up of two registered nurses as well as one under-graduate. Mrs. Cora Miller (Dr. F. G. Miller's wife), with the help of two  ladies,  made  up  the housecleaning staff. Mrs. Mil­ler was also the anesthetist.

Some of the early nurses of this hospital were Miss Hau­gen, Miss Erna Hanna, Miss Fouracre and Miss Freeman.

This  hospital  closed  its doors in 1928, at which time a new  Municipal  Hospital opened its doors in the west j part of Elk Point.

(Photos kindly submitted by Dr. K. C. Miller)