Services We Provide

The Elk Point Historical Society is interested in helping other individuals and groups study their local history. This site will be constantly updated to provide new information as we can make it available. As well we will try to provide help in any of the following ways. For further information on the way this site was put together please see the Website team page


Members join the Historical Society and one of its member groups: the Friends of the Forts Society, the Iron Horse Trail group, or the Internet group. Memberships are $10/ year  Lifetime memberships are $100.

All members are issued a yearly membership card.

Consultation Services

We are prepared to help other Local History Groups develop a website for the information on their community. We can relate our experience, discuss technical needs, organizational needs, and our costs (very low). We anticipate the setting up of our basic site will involve 250 manhours.

Converting Local Histories to Websites

Although our organization does not have the resources to do other community's websites, some of our members may be willing to work for pay to help another group. Please contact us to see what the possibilities are.