Recent Changes Page

The orginal website for the Elk Point Historical Society was created and put on the web in 1999. Some revisions were done but the current version was loaded and open to the public in January 22, 2013.

This launch included the original as well as new sites for Heinsburg, Lindbergh, and Ferguson Flats.

The first additions are two pages by our first president, the late Sid Holthe, done back as far as 2001 for the Elk Point Historical Society.

A list of all church priests and ministers in Elk Point to 2004.

A list of all Elk Point and Area Veterans to 2001.

Photo essay on Dr George Miller, heart surgeon 1983

Fort George Museum

Auction of Fort George Museum

Centennial Voyageurs 1967

Atiyek Day 1969

Career of JV Jacobson

Official Openings for Many Years

Letters of Billy Wolfe

Photos from Harry Day