In 1905 Rev. W.F. Gold, minister at Vegreville, and Rev. W. Simons were requested to look after the Galician work. In  1907 the Presbytery of Vermilion was formed.  In 1919 Methodists and Presbyterians coordinated their missions,  and Methodists served the area south of the North Saskatchewan River and Presbyterians the area to the north.

          In 1911 Rev.  Hobden came to the Hopkins area as a Presbyterian missionary.

          A college student , Mr. Orton, was sent out by the Presbyterian Society to preach in homes during the summer. A medical student teaching at Paramount School during his summer vacation, but residing in Elk Point, organized the first Sunday School in Elk Point. After the first school was built (rural) in 1910 or 1911, church services were conducted there by Billy Wolfe and Wm. Ramsbottom.

          Rev. M. Thompson and Rev. Wm. Simon as well as overseer Rev. Reid held services here in 1909 to 1911, as reported in the Vermilion Standard. There had been a resident Lutheran Minister, Rev. J. Lorentzen, living in Elk Point, commencing in 1918.  He passed away here in 1933.  I recall him slightly, but remember his daughter Pearl much clearer, possibly because we both attended High School here.

          A resident Presbyterian Minister, Rev. Seaton, served the Elk Point area from 1925 to 1927.

          In 1910 there was an effort to build an  Anglican church but this was not completed.

          Rev. Harry Day, an Anglican Minister, moved to a farm near Elk Point after serving a diocese at Vermilion from 1909 to 1911. He offered services here on occasion.

          A Presbyterian church was constructed in 1921, and served until 1927 or 1928  when it was destroyed by fire, and a new  united church was constructed on the site.  The manse had been constructed about this time, 1927, but I do not have the exact date.  Neither do I have the date of the sale of it to a private citizen for a home; nor do I have the date of the purchase of  Paul and Lena Stepa's house for a manse, but I recall Rev. and Mrs. Hunter residing in it, sometime between 1969 --1973. 

          (The following information was provided by Ron Onusko)(  When we came to Elk Point we began renting the Manse from John Musijowski who purchased it from the United Church for $2650.  We moved to it in November 1969 and at the same time Rev. Hunters moved to the Stepa place.  I recall helping them move, especially the piano. We purchased the Manse from John two years later for $5,000.)

          The United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 by a union of some Presbyterian, Methodist, and Congregational churches, plus the General Council of Local Union Churches. In 1968 it was joined by the eastern Canada Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren Churches.

          The first United Church minister, Rev. Reginald Smith, 1927-31, came to Elk Point from England.  I believe he would have previously been ordained in the Congregational Church, but I am not certain.  He transferred to British Guiana, where he subsequently died of typhoid (I would have said malaria). His daughter Marion, who was born in Elk Point, returned for a visit with her husband, Ray Rose, an architect. a few years ago. They, the Smiths, lived in the manse, constructed in 1927, beside the church constructed in 1921.  This first United church burned and was rebuilt in 1927.  He, Rev. Smith,  illustrated missionary zeal, and as well, he and his wife started Scouts and Guides in Elk Point.

          Rev. Whaley, 1931-34, I recall for his unique qualities, as fisherman, horsetrader (a necessary talent at the time), and for possession of the first milch goats in Elk Point, which were fond of jumping up on the flat roofs of cars at the time. About one quarter of the population of the world depend on goats for milk and meat and I must confess that there were several occasions when I was teaching that I was tempted to broil a kid.

          Rev. Sam Marshall, 1934-9, organized fund-raising carnivals, and formed a choir.

          Rev. Corcoran, 1939-41. no details recalled.

          Rev. Pringle, 1941-47, was a keen curler, and is credited with helping to start ice curling in Elk Point.

          Rev. Blackmore, 1947-49, is credited with starting the first young peoples group, of all denominations.

          1949-52 the United Church congregation was served by two Ministers from St. Paul, Rev. Russell Bearsto and Rev. F.J. Fee, by Rev. H. Day, and by a lay preacher, Mr. Robert Smith, who unfortunately died of a heart attack after a service. I will not accept any responsibility for this mishap because I was not in church on that occasion.

          Rev. Adams, 1952-56, attended St. Stephens College, and earned ordination while serving Elk Point.  Mrs Adams attended to duties when he was absent.

          Rev. Eskdale, 1956-58, during his time here the Christian Education Center was constructed, and opened 1957 to be used as a larger church.

(Please note that this identifies the construction of the Christian Education Center)

          Don Burden, 1958-59, a student minister.

          Rev. Carleton Miller, 1959-60 (Those years are uncertain)  He lived in St. Paul, and instituted the Sector plan to ensure stable financing for the church.

          Rev. Morris, 1960-62, life was not kind to him in Elk Point, because his wife died, I think of cancer.

          In 1961 the old two-roomed school adjacent to the Church Hall was acquired for Sunday School and was utilized until 1970 when classes moved to the Church Hall, after which time the old school became a Rummage Store.

          Rev. Dave Edwards, 1962-69, would have made an excellent Social Studies teacher, I think.  He came as a shy, single man, and left as a married man--to the lady Doctor. He was Scout Leader and worked with young people.

          In `1967 the Christian Education Committee decided they should do something for seniors, started suppers and parties and from this eventually a senior's association perhaps developed; anyway PSS Director Laughlin made the proposal at one of the gatherings.

          Rev.  Hunter, 1969-73, noted for counselling and work with young people, now on General Council, Toronto.

          Rev. Sid Vincent, 1973-75, former teacher, subbed at the High School, taught ceramics for Further Education.

          Rev. Allan Miller, 1975-77, very involved in church social affairs.

          Rev. Bateman, 1977-79,

          Rev. Glen Eagle, 1979-82, noted for his talent in drama, and work with youth.

          Rev. Cox, 1983-85, interested in community events and sports, Seniors.

          Rev. S. Donaldson, July 1,1985- June 30, 1994   , left Un. Ch. when Christian Community Church formed to be a pastor for it; after he left Elk Point  for Glendon he was reported to be a motorcycle rider and fast driver.

          Rev. N. Hartley, July 1, 1994 - Jan. 2, 1997.  Norman had been in the Air Force and was stationed at one time at Cold Lake Airbase.  Furthermore he had been once a sheep rancher in Ontario.  He died of a heart attack while using a snowblower to clear the church entrance.

          Rev. Catherine Christie-Pell, Mar 1, 1997 - June 30. 1997, served as a replacement apparently, and I am unable to share any information.

          Rev.  Paulette Phillips, Sept. 1, 1997 - June 30, 1999,.  She was active in the community and acted as Sec. of the Seniors Association.  She transferred to a church in Calgary.

          Jope Langejans. Sept. 1, 1999  to the present.  Jope has not yet been ordained and is studying at Blue Quills.

Compiled by Sid Holthe, from personal knowledge, and from the E.P. History 'Reflections'; and courtesy of Millie Orr from 1985 to  Feb., 2004.

          (Information provided by Ron Onusko) 

          'For many years the United Church building was a private residence for Andy and Marie Miller.   It was sold after Andy Miller's death and was a rental property until the spring of 2004. It was rezoned as an institutional property to the Calvary Church, who plan to restore it as a church building'.


          The Baptist Church in Elk Point began with a 3 day crusade held in March, 1981, in the gymnasium of the Elementary School, at which Ted Clark of Vermilion was speaker. The first service, however, was held

on September 20, 1981, in a former building that housed the High School first, then the Junior High School, and finally became the F.C.S.S. facility. (This structure was located at the southern end of the Elementary School south playground.)  Sunday School teachers from other churches were utilized to conduct services until the local group became strong enough to take over.  At this point in time, Ted Clark of Vermilion, was pastoring this group and John McGregor was acting as Youth Pastor and Visiting Pastor.  He, John McGregor, helped form a Young People's Group, the only one at the time in the area. In Jan, 1983, John McGregor became full time pastor.  In March, 1986, the church became involved in the work of  the Whitney Lake Bible Camp.  On Dec. 5th., 1986, the newly constructed church was dedicated.  John McGregor continued as Pastor here until August 4, 1988.

  After his resignation, Pastor Jim MacLellan was called in January 1989.  Since that time Pastor Stewart Peterson has served as Youth Pastor from 1998 to 2000.  Pastor Jason Goulet was called to replace him in January 2003. 

          The Baptist Church Board is now, in Feb. 2004, planning an extensive addition to the Church building.  Space is needed urgently for the Sunday School, and for special events.  Note--This is  my own comment.

          Information sources --Pastor MacLellan, Margaret Modin, and the History of Elk Point Fellowship Baptist Church, 1981-91.



The Ukrainian Catholic Parish of Holy Eucharist was established in 1935, using the Roman Catholic Church in town (my comment--this would have been the first R.C. Church, now Kuhn's Kollectables) for fourteen years.  Services were held by priests from the Basilian Fathers' Monastery at Mundare, Alberta,  Rev. Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk OSBM , Rev. Fathers Kohut, Pasichnyk, and Shydan.

          In 1949, a priest from the Ukraine, Rev. Fr. Michael Hawryluk,  came to be parish priest in Glendon and travelled to Elk Point.  He asked  the people to think of building their own church.  In 1949 they had their own church.  Then Rev.  Michael Gural, parish priest of Glendon,  served till Feb. 25, 1954.   Rev. J . Cherkawsky , parish priest of Derwent, was appointed as priest of the church.

Rev. Cherkawsky from 1954-1980

Father Makuch, 1981--83

Father Royer, 1984-July, 1992

Father Mack, Oct. 1992-Aug. 1994

Father Roman Dobransky , Sept. 1994--to present, has been doing the services.  He is the parish priest at St. Paul.  Presently having one mass a month as he has 8 parishes to serve.

Celebrated 50 year anniversary, June 3, 1999.  Had a mass and the Bishop was out. (courtesy Steve and Loris Kozina)(and from the E.P. History 'Reflections'.)



          Began with an organizational meeting at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Richards, in Elk Point, on May 26,  2001.  Originally called Calvary Family Fellowship--the name was changed in August of 2001 and the word Ministries was added to the name as the Church was organized as a recognized religious society. Pastor Richards continues to serve as the pastor of the church.

          CFFM has met in the Elk Point Senior's Center, the E-Can Training Room in Elk Point, and at the St. Paul Abilities Network SPAN training room in St. Paul.  Currently the Fellowship meets at the Senior's Recreation Center and the SPAN training room on alternate Sunday mornings.

          We are currently finalizing the steps to purchase the building that began its life in 1927 as the Elk Point United Church, and which was sold in the mid nineteen-sixties.  It was converted into a private dwelling.  We hope to reclaim the building and re-establish it as a centre of Christian Worship and as a spiritual resource in the Community.

(Information courtesy of Rev. J. Richards)



(Information to 1977 taken from Reflections)

          The Oblate Fathers from St. Paul served the needs of the Roman Catholic families in Elk Point.

          In the 1920's Father Louis Connoir served Elk Point from Fort Kent. Father Connoir was the first diocesan priest to graduate from St. Joseph's Seminary in Edmonton. Since there was no Catholic Church in Elk Point, he said Mass in private homes and administered the sacraments as need arose.

          Ila Borowsy reports in Reflections that Father Connoir wrote to Archbishop J. O'Leary D.D. for permission to build a church in Elk Point. He received $500.00 from the Archbishop for that purpose,plus $135.00 to buy a horse and buggy for his travelling. She also reports that a note written to Father Kennedy MacLean  by Archbishop J. O'Leary in October, 1931, reads ' Do your best to establish a church there.  And he did'.  She reports further, 'St. Michael's Church was built by volunteer labor, both Catholic and non-Catholic and was completed in 1929'.  ( Please note,there is confusion concerning the date, and 1931 has been verified, rather than 1929)

          In 1931 Father Kennedy MacLean was appointed as the first resident pastor of Elk Point. He was a diocesan priest who had worked as a carpenter before beginning his studies for the priesthood.  His first undertaking was to build a parish church....................presumably in 1931.

          He was followed by Father Syd Stewart and Father Vince Curtis...; then by Father Morgan Johnson.....  These men kept the parish alive through the hungry thirties when mere survival was considered an accomplishment.

          Father W.P. Fitzgerald arived in April or May, 1942, a few weeks after his ordination to the priesthood. 

          In Sept. , 1936, a donation of $500.00 from the Catholic Church Extension was sent to build a rectory, the estimated cost of which was $469.48  .

A list of priests (gleaned from Reflections)who have served in Elk Point include:

Father Louis Connoir (Fort Kent) 1921-31

Father Kennedy McLean (Flat Lake)  1931-34

Father L.G. Stewart 1935-6

Father VJ. Curtis 1937

Father Morgan Johnson 1938-39

Father Walter Fitzgerald  1940-42

Father Gerard Leduc and Father Jacob Ashe 1943

Father Paul Morin 1943-49

Father Leo Bartley 1949-50

Father Alfred Quirion 1950-51

Father Pierre Houben 1951-53

Father Emile Champagne 1953-56

Father Patrick Heffernan 1956-58

Father J. M. Martineau 1958-60

Father Ronaldo Benoit 1960-61

Father Claude Robitaille (St. Paul) 1961-62

Father Rosaire Morin (St. Paul) 1962-64

Father Henri Bois (St. Paul) 1964-65

Father A. Beaupre (St. Edouard) 1965-66

Father L. Desgagne (Idem) 1966-67

Father A. Houde (St. Paul) 1967-69

Father R. Bissonnette (Id) 1969-70

Father R. Simard (Idem) 1970-71

Father A. Tetu (Idem) 1971-73

Father R. Grondin (Lafond) 1973-76

Father Gerard Fortier (Fishing Lake Colony) 1976-77 (this would now be termed Fishing Lake Settlement)

Rev. Gerard Fortier, Rev. Rosario Simard, 1977

Rev. Jean-Luc Pigeon, Rev. Leonard Derome 1978

Rev. Leonard Derome, 1979

Rev. Edmond Croteau, Rev. Jean-Luc Pigeon, Rev Leonard Derome, 1980

Rev. Edmond Croteau, 1981

Rev Jean-Luc Pigeon, 1982-1989

Rev. Kazimierz Bukowski, 1990

Rev. Sebastien Palattil, Rev. Kim Son Nguyen, 1991

Rev. Kim Son Nguyen, 1992

Rev. Ed Quao, 1993 & 1994

Rev. Ed Quao, Bishop Raymond Roy, 1995

Bishop Raymond Roy, 1996

Rev. Martin Badiola, 1997

Rev. Martin Badiola, Rev. Ryszard Hanaczewski, 1998

Rev. Ryszard Hanaczewski, 1999 & 2000

Rev. Leon Desjardins, 2001

Rev. Limneo Zamora Jr., 2002 & 2003 & 2004

(We are indebted to the Diocese of St. Paul, and to Theresa Cloutier, for the designations of Rev. Fathers who served from 1977 to the present)

          The following information regarding the new second R.C. Church is provided courtesy of Ron Onusko and Sandra Poulin: construction of the new church began in June of 1997 and continued through 1998. The first Mass in the new Church was given Sunday of the long weekend of May, 1998.  May 24th of 1998 was on a Sunday.



          Mary Bochon writes in Reflections, 'The organization of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church started in the spring of 1945 in the town of Elk Point, Alberta,  was the first of its kind in this area. The first wedding was performed by Rev. Synyshyn and Rev. Pringle in the old United Church......After this a few services were held in the Andrishak Hall by the Rev. Synyshyn. In 1946 at a service in the Fred Shpeley building (located on the premises of the present Coop parking lot) the first executive was formed. This executive started to canvass  members for funds to purchase  two lots behind Markstad's garage........(These lots would be just north of the present Credit Union). In 1948 the church was officially named St. Vladimir Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Elk Point, Alberta.)  The ministers came from Glendon and Smoky Lake usually by train. Church servvices were held in the Fred Shpeley building again and it was realised that the two lots that they had purchased were not suitable for the site of the church and the cemetery. Then Mr. W. Andrishak donated a piece of land for the building of the church and the cemetery and this is the present site of the church. In 1951 the Rev. Boychuk blessed the land that the church was to be built on  A basement was dug with a tractor and fresno and hand labor, some of the cement was poured,  and in 1952 the balance of the cement was poured, and walls and roof installed.  In 1953 to l954  not too much was done on the church for lack of funds. On March 20, 1954, the church was admitted to the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada,being Chapter 98 of that denomination.  In 1955 stucco was applied to the outside....In 1958 the congregation started to finish the outside.....In 1959 it was decided that the cemetery at the site of the church was not possible so Mr and Mrs F. Shewchuk donated a plot of land to the church for a cemetery........In 1961 Archbishop Andrew, Rev. Greschuk, and Rev. Dorash blessed the cornerstone of our church........In 1964 the church joined the North East Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Churches and bought a house in Bonnyville....

Ministers include the following Reverend Frs.:

Rev. Synyshyn, 1945-50

Rev. Boychuks, 1951-54

Rev. Sashevich, 1955-56

Rev. Tryfyn, 1957

Rev. Dorash,  1958-61

Rev. Koolesh, 1962

Rev. Zybritsky and Rev. Vitenko, 1963

Rev Sorochuk, 1964-71


Rev. Semotiuk, 1973-74

Rev. Chrustawka, 1975-79

Rev. Sawchenko, 1979-85

Rev. Hohol, 1985-1994

Rev. Lipinsky, 1994--2004

Information provided for Reflections by Mary Bochon, also courtesy of Marshall Kachmar and Archivist Wolodymyr Senchuk.



          The first known church members in the Elk Point area were Bill Coma and family, Ed. Smith Snr, and wife Helen, sons Edward Jnr. and Harry. They attended church in Lloydminster or Cherry Grove until 1971.

          In 1971 two Junior/Senior High School teachers came to Elk Point , who were church members--Blaine Easthope and Alvin Johnston.

Soon  local Sunday Services were held in the home of teacher Alvin Johnson, but larger accomodation was soon required and the church moved to the F. G. Miller Jnr/Snr High School. In the late 1970's the church members met in schools in St. Paul. Since January 23, 1983, church services have been held in the Chapel in St. Paul.

          The Church has been led by the following men:

1972/74      Peter Zezula

1975           George Nordstrom

1975           Oliver McRitchie

1976/79      Burle Nilsson

1980/83      Charles Nelson

1984/85      Terry Poulin

1985/93      Larry Ferbey

1993/98      Terry Poulin

1998/03      Randy Bohnet

2003/present 04 -- David Bullock

(Information courtesy of Blaine Easthope)



(Taken from Reflections, first recorded by Margaret Modin, and from CSSM Alberta)

          In 1946 Frances Zaccaglini ad Joan Gray began visiting homes, holding week-day  Bible Classes and Sunday School in Muriel School,  plus adult Bible Classes and Young People's Meetings in Elk Point.  A summer Bible School was conducted in Elk Point in 1946 as well as in Spring Park and Ferguson Flats Schools.  Bible Camp was held at Jackfish (Manatoken) Lake.  The first leaders moved to Spring Park and subsequently to Lindbergh until 1953 when others replaced them until 1968. These include:

                   Marion Kemmelshue and Nellie Reed

                   Lila Anderson and Agnes Cunningham

                   Caroline Stickley and Dorothy Reiber

          In 1949 a beginning was made by Leaders Zaccaglini and Gray for a permanent site for a Bible Camp at Whitney Lake. The project, known as the Pine Grove Bible Camp, was improved and expanded until by 1975 there was accomodation for 80, and it had been made available for rental by other groups.  The Pine Grove Bible Camp was turned over to a permanent Board and subsequently to the C.S.S.M..

   (The following list of Leaders is provided mainly by CSSM Alberta. Please note that some served here only briefly)       

1944-          Hansen Kermit

1947-          Anderson L. (Miss)

1947-          Cunningham A.

1947-48      Zaccagline Frances  & Gray  Joan

1950-          Loge Melvin

1950-          Reeves Verne      

1950-51      Stickley Caroline

1950-51      Magnus Lydia     Mrs. Alton Dennis

1950-51      Wittman Viola

1951-          Spivak Doris    Mrs Fred Hanet

1951-52      Callaway Victor

1952-          Rhodes Dorothy  Mrs Prokopehyk

1953-          Sawchuk K.

1953-4        Reiber Dorothy

1953-54      Sawchuk Betty   see Mrs Sam Reid

1954-          Enns Henry

1954-          Mellick  Roger

1955-          Klingenberg  Edward & Margaret

The Canadian Sunday School Mission is no longer serving in this area.



          The first service was held on July 9, 1994 at the E.P. Seniors Centre. Guest Pastors and Lay Pastors led services each Sunday for the first 6 months.  In November, 1994, Sam Donaldson was called to become a part-time Pastor.  Jerry Richards became our Pastor from the summer of 2000 until June of 2001.  Richard Owen and Faylene Owen became Pastors for the Church until Sept., 2003. During his service here, Richard Owen was fully ordained.  At present we do not have a Pastor, but are served regularly by retired Pastor Dick Upham, St. Paul, by other guest Pastors, and by local lay members.  The Young Peoples Group also provides and fulfills regular services when invited.  We first met in the Seniors Center, then in the School for a few months. In February, 1995, we purchased the former Court House.  This building has been re-finished and is our present Sanctuary.  Services are held every Sunday, we have an active Youth Group, Bible Study classes, provide services at Heritage Lodge, and take part in many community events.  God continues to bless us every day.

          (The above information provided courtesy of Ruth Vogel)

          (The following is copied from the Elk Point Review)

The Christian Community Church celebrated their tenth anniversary on July 4, 2004.  Ruth Vogel related the story of the church's beginning  10 years and three weeks ago. We weren't happy, we were looking for a family church and Henry (Botting) said, 'Why don't you start one? There's a group of us that would like to worship together'. We've been together ever since.