Introduction to the 1977 Supplement

by S. A. Holthe1supptext78_86.gif

The major task that the Historical Society originally accepted has now been largely completed: Reflections--A History of Elk Point and District has been researched, edited, printed and dedicated.

Society members are most appreciative of the favorable response to that first history book, and for the recognition accorded to editor Mary Bennett, to all of the writers who contributed articles and family histories, and in fact to everyone who devoted time and effort to the preparation of the volume.

This addition, the '77 supplement, will somewhat `round off' for the present our activities in the history area. Interest in this further book was expressed by persons who had not submitted family histories previously, and as well, the society wished to compile a book which would bring the account of community development right up to date.

Accordingly this book encompasses a combination of themes--firstly, an up-to-date contemporary perspective of the business and social communities, and secondly, an extension of the commitment of the previous book to people who contributed to earlier development of this area.

Its worth will be recognized by readers who value the historical emphasis and as well by others who appreciated an illustrated portrayal of the economic, educational, medical, social, and industrial segments of our community as they appear in 1977.

We trust that this edition will also be well received, and that it will merit a prominent place in libraries of people



A much appreciated $4,690.84 – accorded to the Elk Point Historical Society.

Lawrence Modin hands the cheque to Art Montalbetti, TD Manager, for deposit into the Society's account.


Mr N. Sokol from Alberta Culture, St Paul, presenting the cheque for$4609.84 grant

provided by Alberta Culture to assist in defraying expenses incurred in the printing of the local history book Reflections.