Flash Backs by Margret Bartling

The book Flashbacks by Margret Bartling was on of the first small-run books published by the Elk Point Historical Society in 2001. The product of efforts by Ron Onusko and Myrna Fox with Margret Bartling, it took the efforts at writing by Margret to rework her original Rambling Memories and increase them. We now present it as a PDF so you can download it and read the entire book.

Margaret Bartling

Flash Backs by Margret Bartling

From the Introduction

This piece of writing is a tribute to all of my friends in the Teaching Field - mainly those who shared with me the daily teaching routine in the Elk Point Elementary School, but there were many more, those from Junior High and High School and from surrounding rural schools.

Some of these had previously been my personal friends, if they hadn't, then they became personal friends through the exchange of confidences or sharing amusing stories etc. during our careers. I could never have made it without their friendship, their assis­tance and their understanding.  They have my everlasting heartfelt thanks!

Never did I consider writing again after completing “Rambling Memories” - I felt that it had been poorly written, inadequate in content etc.  Toward the conclusion of my story it had become a task rather than a pleasure, I was bored with it and it left me with a feeling that it sounded "chopped off" and unfinished - if you have read "Rambling Memories", you'll know what I mean.

Then along came Myrna (Fox).  Myrna has always been a dear friend of ours and since our coming to Edmonton, she has formed the habit of paying us a visit at least during the annual Teachers Convention held in the city and whenever else she can.  This year, the Convention was held Feb. 21st and 22nd (1980).  She came, as usual, to "sit a spell" with us and to up-date us with current events of our dear old Elk Point town.  Augie and I look forward to these visits so much. It seems as though, after our visiting period is almost over, Myrna and I invariably wind up reminiscing and hashing over our former teaching days together.  Same routine this year.  During the course of our conversation, we talked about "Rambling Memories" (I had loaned her my copy) and I expressed my opinion that I was very dissatisfied with it and felt that I should have related the many experiences I had had throughout my teaching years.  She suggested that I expand this portion of my story.

Well, her suggestion as indeed food for thought, I mean just a thought, but first thing you know, the idea kept "bugging" me, after debating with myself for some time, I decided to make one last feeble attempt to jot down some of the happenings of those dear old  gone-by teaching days!

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