Around Elk Point are many special places both large and small. We will try in pictures and words to let you know about some of these special places. Maps and Arial photos will allow you to see some of the land from differing viewpoints. Local recreation destinations such as lakes, trails and creeks have their own place here as well. Photos of buildings, both historical and current, will allow another way to go back to your memories. Our mural photos have a special place in this historical collection.

Elk Point Maps

Special Places

Fur Trade Maps

Arial Photo 1919

1922 Elk Point Map

Arial Photo 1927

1925 Elk Point Map

Arial Photo 1945

Early Homestead Maps

Arial Photo 1959

1947 Maps

Arial Photo 1961


Elk Point 1977

Elk Point Cemetery Lists

Elk Point Hospital 1976

Photo Galleries of Events

Elk Point's Fort George Museum


History of the Iron Horse Trail