April 6, 1910 - George Shortridge stated Elk Point now has telegraph communication with the outside world. The government has established a station with E.O. Boyd in charge.

May 18, 1910 - Surveyors are here - a wagon road is being surveyed west from Mooswa. Elk Point district must now have a population of about 400.

June 20, 1910 - The Government Survey Yacht, a stern-wheeler, plying the river from Edmonton to Winnipeg, passed here. We presume it will be some time before the river will be navigable for steamboats. We are all eager for that time to come.

Feb. 15, 1911 - For Sale - Three well broken oxen, two milch cows and one bull coming 2 years old. E.C. Bartholomew, Elk Point, S.E. 14-57-7.

April 19, 1911 - New settlers are arriving every week. Rumors say a doctor is going to locate in Elk Point. We were very glad to hear it.

June 2, 1911 - Somebody has reported a new breed of flea; it differs from the ordinary now-you-see-me, now-you-don't flea, in the size of the red mark where the lump is raised; and it is said that when it bites it growls.

Sept. 9, 1914 - Owing to heavy rains commencing Sunday and continuing to Wednesday afternoon without cessation, the edition of this paper was held up in the north country until Thursday; the work of publication this week suffered thereby.

March 29, 1916 - A Canadian Volunteer holding a homestead may count his active service as a performance of residence. Should he be disabled he may receive his patent forthwith.

November 1, 1922 - Rev. and Mrs. Lorentzen are now occupying their new residence east of town. Their barn will soon be completed. Helge Hesselgren is the contractor.

November 1, 1922 - It is reported that one of our newly married ladies kneads bread with her gloves on. The incident may be peculiar, but there are others: The editor of this paper needs bread with his shoes on; he needs bread with his shirt on; he needs bread with his pants on, and, unless some of the delinquent subscribers of this paper pay up before long, he will need bread without so much as anything on, and this is no Garden of Eden, either, in the winter time!