St Vladimir 1977


by Mary Bochan

Minister-Rev. Chriptowka
President-Bill Tokar
Vice-President-Nick Bochon
Secretary-Pete Lepoway
Treasurer-Jenny Andreaschuk

During 1977 the church group held two pyrohy suppers and one $1,000 bingo, all of which were a success. Also a group of members went out carolling during the Christmas season.

New members that joined our congregation in 1977 were:

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kozicki
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stuparuk
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Palynchuk
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lepoway

Respected members who passed on in 1977 were:

(Mrs.) Olga Pankiw
Mr. Zenko Yacyna
Mr. Rudolph Petrowsky
Mr. Andrew Kalyta