Elk Point Clinic

Elk Point Clinic


by N.B. Sumpton

The Elk Point Clinic was constructed in 1946 for Dr. F.G. Miller and staff by Mr. Mike Shepley. It is a two story stucco building about 34ft. by 40ft. The upstairs has been finished and it is rented to the Masons and Eastern Star for meetings. The upstairs is reached by an outside stairway. The main floor is divided into a number of rooms as follows: of waiting room, four examining rooms, one X-ray room, laboratory, one all-purpose room, and washrooms. The clinic has a full basement for furnace room and storage rooms.

The clinic supplies a need, for patients with minor ailments can be treated there without being hospitalized however, the doctors, after examination decide that patients need hospital care they will be admitted to that institution.

Following is a list of the secretaries who have served in that capacity to date: (Mrs.) L. Edwards, Dorothy McMullin, Barbara Linville, Ella Willams, Myrtha Merrick, Jean Ross, Doris Weigerinck, Fern Mah, Marvia Soldan, and at present, Mary Derewynka.

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