1999 Forming of Riverland Recreational Trail Society

Key Moves

1999 – Presentations to local councils, Meetings with Alberta Trailnet, Development of positive promotions, Foundation of RRTS with stakeholder groups, Certificate of Incorporation, St Paul County change of operating group

The spring of 1999 started with some promotions to local councils and, as summer approached, some meetings of local enthusiasts and local councillors. A re-enactment of the RCMP March West in July highlighted the use of the trail as well as providing some historical context for the early trails going through the region. In the fall Riverland Recreational Trail Society came together with completion of documentation by John Trefananco. More promotional literature also came out and a petition supporting the trail in many municipalities showed positive support. Some enthusiastic supporters were looking for a way to build a trail along unused road allowances and crown lands. 


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RRTS Fall 1999



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