2014 New Gates

This was a remarkably busy year for all trail volunteers. Trestle Fundraising discussions with all councils dominated out year. Riverland had the ability to give charitable receipts to donors so we raised funds and donated all proceeds to NE Municorr who repaired the trestle. We met with most councils to explain our proposed fundraising and modified it to fit their needs where necessary. We were also involved in orienting new NE Municorr members after the fall election results were in.


 Construction and maintenance efforts were dominated by the designing, tendering and installing of new Texas gates. We also received some Rig Matts and made a temporary repair on a bad spring near Middle Creek. Completion of water pipelines in Smoky Lake and Elk Point also was a big part of our due diligence work. Hector Dalphe's supervision of these projects helped get a major donation of grading work on the Danyluk Hill near Vilna. A project to repaint and repair toilets was effective in many staging areas. Trail counters installed and moved to try and give us an idea of how many people are using the trail. With increasing water levels beaver issues started to plague some parts of the trail.


Several trail related events occurred in our year.  We and NE Municorr were presented with two CEFP grants for engineering costs. Cold Lake MLA Gina Leskiw also found grant money to help fund the trestle rebuild. Promotions in print and at tradeshows continued to be major efforts.  The first mini-Ultra race started this spring. The Second Chance Trail Ride continued., many non RRTS events on trail


With NE Municorr we started a process of the people who started the Trestle fire to civil court. This has been a complex process.  







On Trail Events