Elk Point Area Cemetaries 1998

In 1998 Deanna Easthope with the help of her family and others completed a book on the County of St Paul Graveyards. I have put the ones near Ferguson Flat on that site, the Lindbergh ones on that website and the Heinsburg Cemetaries on the Heinsburg website. Perhaps someday someone can head up a project to update these lists. Deanna's lists are attached as PDF to this document at the bottom of the page. 


It was with great pleasure and love I compiled the names of those people buried in the graveyards located in the County of St. Paul.

The tombstones in the graveyards were read on nice, warm summer days over a period of about five years. As I read the tombstones, my mind reminded me that those who were buried here were once living people who made many contributions in life. The task of reading their tombstone was for the purpose of helping us not forget them. For those family members who want to find where their ancestors are buried, I hope this listing will be helpful.

I would like to thank all those people who helped me. First of all, my family. My husband, Blaine and our children, Irwin, Melissa, Mary, Spencer and Melvin who sometimes helped me read the tombstones and for allowing me to go off to the graveyard and read tombstones. Thank you.

To the County of st. Paul No. 19 office who gave me the original map and list of graveyards. Thank you for getting me started and all your emotional support during this project.

Thank you to Alberta Power for donating one of their old computers which has done a tremendous job. Thank you.

To Louise Kurash who helped me with the French translation and to Marshall Kachmar who helped me with the German, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian translations. Thank you - both of you. You did a very valuable service.

To the many people who lived beside the graveyards who were friendly and helped as much as they could. Thank you all of you.

To the Town of Elk Point Family and Community Support Services Office ... thank you for letting me use office time to type these graveyard records. Thank you. And to both Lynn Proskiw and Faye Smith for all the office support during this project. Thank you.

Unfortunately, these records will never be always up to date. But, in order to publish what I have compiled, most graveyards are as current as 1996 and some are as current as the summer of 1998.

"To have walked this way, and be remembered is all I ask."

Deanna Easthope