1924 Vegetation Maps

These maps were prepared by the Topographical Survey of Canada, Department of the Interior, Ottawa

They also carry on the back of the map a report on the township looking at accessibility and roads, towns and villages, Surface, surface covering, drainage and water, soil, settlement, crops and stock, hay and winter feed, fuel and schools and post offices. Most reports were signed by R.H. Knight, a Dominion Land Surveyor.

The maps are interesting as they show the slowly developing province settlement patterns as the roads were only starting to be built and other than the CPR mainline through Vermilion and Vegreville were the only rail lines that were complete. Old trails and roads show up on the maps and they are likely very too be located fairly accurately. Perhaps most important the listing of the vegetation may be only our only record of the early environment.

The 56th Township maps cover an area near the AB Sask border near Onion Lake/ Tulliby Lake going 14 townships (84 miles) over to 21 miles north of Vegreville. The 49th Township maps cover an area near the AB Sask border 6 miles south of Lloydminster over to 16 miles south of Vegreville.

Our apologies that some of the maps have text from the back of the map bleeding into the front. The original maps were very thin onionskin paper and it was difficult to stop the bleed from happening.