2018 Yearly Operations

Each year on the trail many small improvements are made and some ongoing events keep us busy working with our 10 municipal partners, our main stakeholder groups and new organizations that have need of some easement or crossing requirement. It does keep the executive busy and engaged. 


We had a rainy day ride with some NE Municorr representatives going from St Paul to Heinsburg to inspect water issues. 


Our trail stewards represented us in the St Paul parade, keeping some visibility in our home areas. 


The Smoky Lake water line inspection team goes over a few issues on a nice sunny day. 


With 288 km often there is unautorized work done which has to be dealt with. Here, near Ashmont some unauthorized clearing had to be addressed.


Our trail ends at the staging area in Heinsburg. The land base goes 2 km further. After complaints from landowners we looked for ways to keep local users from accessing this land.