October 24, 1929 - Visitors to the Point will be struck with new evidences of growth in the shape of two fine churches. The United Church stands in a commanding position on north side of town and was dedicated by the President of the Alberta Conference of the United Church on Aug.25 last. Completed with a full basement and equipped with a high power furnace, it is already a centre of worship and social activity. On the West side of town the Roman Catholic Church is nearing completion and indications are that it will be at once beautiful and commodious. The date of its dedication has not yet been made known.

October 24, 1929 - Trains are busy night and day putting the final lift on the track between Elk Point and Heinsburgh. We understand passenger service is to be extended to the end of the steel as soon as the track is prepared.

October 24, 1929 - We have not taken the opportunity of welcoming through the Journal Mr. and Mrs. Monkman and their daughter Elizabeth, and Mr. and Mrs. Fitzsimmons and their family. Mr. Monkman is assisting Yacemec and Mr. Fitzsimmons is in charge of the Pool elevator. We trust their sojourn in Elk Point will be of the pleasan test.

October 24, 1929 - If you were hungry last week, you should have been at the chicken pie supper that the Ladies Aid put on for the United Church Building Fund. Everybody went away with a comfortable feeling and the ladies had the satisfaction of adding to the Fund a goodly sum.

October 24, 1929 - The first of the winter series of Lantern lectures put on at the United Church will be given on Wednesday next when the subject will be the life of David Livingstone, missionary and explorer in darkest of Africa.

1938 - 1000 Trees Planted Along Elk Point Streets:

With the recent rains, the beautification plans of Elk Point are now showing results of the efforts made by the town council and citizens. The tree planting program was the big item, 1000 imported trees have been set out along streets and boulevards. The hospital grounds are looking beautiful, and are attended to by the able gardener, Mr. John Hobden, who for many years has been noted for his lovely flowers. Building activities too are not neglected. MacDonald's Drug store looks smart on completion of the stucco. Another added merit to Dave Belland's laurels. The addition to Caskey's Garage and filling station is growing by leaps and bounds. The alterations to C.A. Johnson's residence are progressing. The council thinks Eaton's new residence is an asset to the town, with its green and white picket fence, and flowers blooming in the yard. All these improvements and the village policeman sporting a new uniform add to the color of a progressive little town.

July 6, 1945 - The village of Elk Point is experiencing a building boom this summer. With the recent surveying of his land into lots by C.J. Markstad, plenty of land has become available. Mr. Steve Andrishak is enlarging and remodelling the former Arnott Hall; the Elk Point Funeral Association is building a new funeral home; C.J. Markstad has put on an addition to his store; Neil Fenton has erected a new butcher shop; Lawrence Sumpton is constructing a new home and has completed a chop mill; F. Keitges is erecting a service garage; Kaiser Wengzynowski has built a new machine shop; Ira Merrick is adding to his residence. In addition, the Town Planning Commission is going to build new cement sidewalks down Main Street and improve the side streets. Old buildings are being removed from the central section.

July 6, 1945 - A/B Maurice Quin is home on leave from the Navy to visit his mother, Mrs. R. Quin. His brother, A/B Robert Quin, has just left for action in the Pacific Theatre.