Regional Histories

This space shows the growth of surrounding communities.

Lindbergh The communities of Lindbergh and Riverview now have their own sites detailing the history of their settlement and growth. The building of the Canadian Salt Company plant and its accompanying townsite are detailed as is the start of the town of Lindbergh with the coming of the CN Railway in 1927.

Heinsburg This local history builds on the book Land of the Red and White, which details the 1885 events in Frog Lake and the later settlement around the hamlet of Heinsburg. Later events are cataloged as well as detailed family histories from the area. 

Ferguson Flats Building on the work of the Ferguson Flats Ladies Society's book Reminiscing Ferguson Flats (1974), we have added 30 years of annual events from their earlier work. 

Stony Lake - to be added later. 

Lake Eliza - to be added later. 

Kehewin - to be added later.