Cross Country Skiing


by Ken Bucyk

The arrival of 1978 saw the establishment of the Elk Point Cross-Country Ski Club. With the increasing popularity of the winter-time activity and the excellent natural facilities surrounding Elk Point, there was definitely an incentive for the establishment of the club.

On the evening of Dec. 12, 1977, an organizational meeting was held at F. G. Miller High School. Brian Gardner, the regional recreational consultant for Alberta Recreation, Parks and Wildlife, was present to encourage the twenty-two individuals who attended that night. An excellent film was presented that had everyone eager to strap on the skis.

The first executive for the Elk Point Cross-Country Ski Club was composed of Peter Glasmann, President; Irene Stobert, Secretary-Treasurer; Bernie Van Eck, Membership Director; Dennis Zacharuk, Trail Development and Maintenance Coordinator; and Nancy Rodewalt, Advertising Director.

The cross-country ski club expressed gratitude to Dr. K. C. Miller for his donation of land use of the Elk Point golf course. By the end of the year, six kilometers of trails had been packed and three kilometers were marked. The club established contact with cross-country ski clubs in Bonnyville, Vermilion, Cold Lake, and Smoky Lake. The club members were encouraged to visit each of these areas and to enjoy the trails and facilities.

It was the hope of the club's president, Peter Glasmann, that the cross-country ski club would eventually expand into summer time recreational activities.


Cross-Country Ski Club