Figure Skating Carnival 1973

Elk Point Thrills Audience

St Paul Journal March 1973

ELK POINT — Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Elk Point, there reigned from the enchanted Ice Palace, King Charles and Queen Ruth, of the House of Anderson.

One day, when winter lay heavily on the land, and days were dull and spirits weary, Queen Ruth called her ladies- in-waiting.

"The children of the kingdom are not happy. Can we not do something to cheer them up and make the winter pass more pleasantly? Let us invite them to the Ice Palace for a Winter Carnival."

We’ll call on all the Fairies to help, and the Trees and Flowers and Animals, and even the Thorns, that the children have not seen since last summer" announced the Queen, "And the clowns will come from Lion land, and exotic ska­ters from the neighboring sta­tes of St. Paul, Bonnyville and Vermilion."

"As well, we'll ask the people from Lion Land, who all have keen eyes for beautiful maidens to sponsor a Carnival Queen Contest. And the Royal Band and Majorettes will provide stir­ring music and pageantry. It should be wonderfully exciting."

And all the Ladies in Court agreed. Lady Berg looked after the finances. Lady Buck beca­me Costume Convenor, a n d Queen Ruth and Ladys Golberg, Pynton, Herndon, May, Hell­quist, Sheplawy a n d Pankiw  summoned the Fairies, Flow­ers, Trees, Thorns and Animals to don skates, and decide how to make the children smile a­gain.

The Fairies were most happy to oblige. The Trees, Flowers, were glad at a chance to emer­ge from their long winter rest.

And so for six weeks they worked with the Queen and her ladies, and many other loyal subjects in t h e Kingdom, to present "Sleeping Beauty."

Over six hundred children, their parents, and friends came to the Ice Palace at the desig­nated time, 8:00 p.m., February 23, in the long ago year of 19­73.

A stirring drum roll brought ' everyone to his feet, and the Royal Band "O Canada". Then the Lord Mayor of the King­dom, Mr. Mike Habiak, welco­med all the visitors, and commended the Queen and her ladies for making the celebration possible.

First to perform was a fine figure skater from Bonnyville, David LeBlanc, to set the tone for excellence that was to prevail  throughout the evening. Then the Palace gates swung  open, and the children shrieked  with laughter as two hilarious, clowns came roaring in on a snowmobile. They skated, they tripped, they fell, and they we­re wonderously funny.

Signs on their backs pro­claimed them to be "Beautiful. Barry" and "Darling David", and it is assumed that they ca­me from the Lion Band, for fol­lowing them came the other Li­ons, resplendent in their dis­tinctive caps, drawing a royal sleigh bearing the three radi­ant Carnival Queen contestants. They went all around the Ice Palace so that everyone could see and marvel at the spectac­le.

Not only were the clowns highly entertaining throughout the evening, but they were most helpful to the Queen in bring­ing out and removing the va­rious props.

For scene one they carefully placed the cradle of the infant fairy at centre ice, and so "Sleeping Beauty" was begun. The Fairy King and Queen skated out and jubilantly ex­pressed their pride in the child in a well-executed duet. Then their lovely guests, the Fairies, in beautiful red a n d white costumes appeared, and a joyous celebration took place as they whirled blithely around

the happy family. There were 'so many of them — surely every fairy in the kingdom had been invited.

But wait! Who was this ma­king an appearance? Surely it was a fairy, so airy and grace­ful, but black and glittery, with gleaming eyes and vicious long fingernails.

The Bad Fairy, venomous in her fury at having been sli­ghted had decided to come un­invited.

She fascinated all the child­ren with a sprightly performan­ce, but alas, was meanwhile casting an evil spell over the child. She would one day prick her finger on a spinning wheel, whi­ch would put her to sleep for­ever. The King and Queen of the Fairies were distraught at this turn of events, but were help­less to do anything except ban all spinning wheels from the kingdom.

While years passed before the beginning of the next scene, the fabulous clowns took over again. They had a rollicking water fight, sloshing each other with pail after pail of water. Then they provoked screams of terror as they picked up the final pails, and tossed their contents into the grandstands! Mo­re roars of laughter from the children — these pails were filled with confetti.

Scene Two opened with the Bad Fairy sitting at work at a spinning wheel. Then appeared the lovely grown-up princess, in a shimmering white dress, to perform a lithe and graceful solo. Finally, intrigued at what thin strange little fairy was doing, she indicated she would like to try.

Triumphantly the Bad Fairy seated the Princess at the spin­ning wheel, and so prophesy was fulfilled. The Princess fell into a deep sleep, and the Bad Fairy ex­pressed her satisfaction in get­ting her revenge, as she flashed around the Ice Palace in a ju­bilant solo.

Could nothing be done to re­verse this tragedy? Well, there was someone willing to try. There appeared on the scene, a sweet little Good Fairy, who in a beautiful solo .was able to amend the curse for eternal sleep, by indicating that t h e kiss of a handsome prince could one day awaken the Slee­ping Beauty.

At this point the Royal Band and Majorettes, their band master, and their patrons presented their portion of the en­tertainment. The band played "The Thunderer" and "When the Saints Come Marching In" as the majorettes stepped throu­gh their intricate routines.

Then Band Master Barwick introduced the two patrons of his group's raffle, Mr. Ken Ad­kins of the Elk Point Co-op, and Mrs.. Nellie Gozjolko. The clowns were called upon to ma­ke the draw for the two prizes.

Winner of one hundred pounds of freezer-ready beef was Clif­ford Dach, and the handmade quilt was won by Buzzy Pele­chosky.

Following intermission, a charming quartet from St. Paul, Penny Paradis, Colette Mandin, Nicole Leroux and Celine Poty performed a figure skating act that was enthusiastically ap­plauded by the large crowd.

Now what were the clowns doing? Throwing something in­to the stands! Oh, it was can­dy!

In Scene Three. Sleeping Beauty's bed had been enshrin­ed in the middle of the forest in Fairy Land, and its inhabitants offered their love and protecti­on.

First came the Trees, tall and graceful, then the prickly little Thorns, who whizzed and zip­ped around at a breath-taking pace. They were followed by the cuddly and colorful little animals, and finally the very tiny and delicate flowers.

Surrounded by all these ador­ing creatures would Sleeping Beauty's prince ever find her?

Of course, all fairy tales ha­ve a happy ending, and now ap­peared the most handsome prin­ce in all the world, who perfor­med an excellent solo, which culminated in his discovery of the sleeping princess, and his being overcome by her loveli­ness.

As he bent over and kissed her, she rose from her long sleep, and they skated a clas­sic duet, to be later joined by the joyful parents, the Fairies Trees, Thorns, Flowers, a n d Animals in a medley of thanks­giving.

And so ended the story of "Sleeping Beauty."

A Grande Finale saw all the performers from all the skating clubs out together in a swirl of color and flash of blades.

Now, her grand plan accom­plished, and her weeks of work and planning so successfully completed, Queen Ruth appear­ed before all her subjects, to bestow gifts upon the talented performers from St. Paul, Bon­nyville, and Vermilion and ex­tend her most gracious appreci­ation to them for entertaining her people so brilliantly.

Holder of the lucky program and winner ow the door prize was Mrs. Helen Shankowsky.

The program concluded with crowning of Carnival Queen, as three inhabitants of Lion Land came forward with a lovely candidate on his arm, to present her to the Master of ceremonies.

First runner-up was sparldir Miss Elaine McEwan, and second runner-up, the dark-haired, lovely Miss Joyce Ference. Lastly, t h e Carnival Queen was presented, the very beautiful Miss Margie Fedechko who received a huge bouquet of red roses, and thunderous applause from the crowd.

Queen Ruth placed the crown upon her head and bestowed upon her her best wishes. And so ended a great event in the Ice Palace in the Kingdom of Elk Point.



King Charles: Dr. Anderson President of the Elk Point Agricultural Society.

Queen Ruth: Mrs. Anderson President of the Elk Point Figure skating Club.

King and Queen of the Fairies: Cheryl Pankiw and Cher. Krawchuk.

Fairies: Audrey Holliday, Kathren May, Wendy Yaremkevich. Debbie Gozjolko, Denise Melnyk, Gwen Zayonce, Anna Mann, Denise Richards, Roberta Holliday, Sandra Babcock Dawn Ginn, Cindy Mudryk and Lynn Mann.

Bad Fairy: Rosie Berg. Sleeping Beauty: Jenny chards.

Prince Charming: Sharon Habiak.

Good Fairy: Penny Jenduck

Trees: Dianne Richards, Beverly Topilka, Andrea Lorenson, Jane Evtushevski, Heather Millar. Susanne Palinka, Heather Radies, Lisa Gadowsi Wanda Buck. Wendy Mudryk Donna Melnyk, Dorothy Appleton, and Cheryl Moneta.

Thorns: Gordon Grykuliak, Craig Hellquist, Bradley Buck, Kris Anderson, Michael Topilka, Murray Boratynec, Mark Hellquist, Gary Grykuliak Michael Boratynec.

Animals: Michelle Fedorus Laura Golberg, Isabel Babcock Tracy Stewart, Leona McAlease, Aurelia Moneta, Cindy Ewsiuk, Denise Maas, Margaret Soldan, Lorelei Stewart, Joanne Babcock, Dorothy Mitchel Donna Ockerman, a n d Becky Shymkiw.

Flowers: Judy Edwards, Anna Fedorus, Carol Babcock, Mellanie Boratynec,

Colleen Mc­Alease, Kathy Coly, Ronnie Vo­gel, Karen Takhar. Sonia Palin­ka, Tova Hellquist, Kris Ann Maas, Rhonda Golberg, Laura Fedorus, Doris Wenzel, Terry Anderson. Trudy Nelson. Blair Capjack, Minnie Takhar, Shei­la Irvine, and David Hamdon.