Canadian Salt Company 1977


The Canadian Salt Company Limited plant at Lindbergh was started in 1948 and has continued to grow ever since. Industry must grow because to stand still is to deteriorate. The plant has been expanded several times and is again expanding its production capacities in 1977- 1978. To make salt for highway ice control, a new compacting system has been installed. This system will take fine salt and compact it into larger pieces which are required for proper salting on icy streets and roads,which will prevent over salting and minimize pollution and corrosion. Salt blocks used for cattle feeding on ranges is a large item and requests for blocks has increased beyond the capabilities of the block press currently in use. As a result of this increased demand for blocks, approval has been received to replace the present block press, which produces about two blocks per minute, with a larger more modern press which will produce five blocks per minute. This installation should take care of future growth in this market for several years.

A larger and more economic type of fusion furnace was installed in 1977. This new designed furnace will produce the same amount of salt the older types of furnaces did but consumes about 1/3 less fuel. This saving in natural gas fuel is a big step in helping to conserve Canada's energy.

The increase in the use of salt is causing some concern and plans are being formulated to again expand or in-crease the overall production of salt. Current planning is for a 25% increase in salt production to about 450tonnes per day. Expansion creates expansion. To increase production other facilities such as power, steam, gas and water must be looked at and considered.

Along with the increase and expansion in plant capacities comes the necessary increase in manpower. The plant personnel has increased from about fifty people to the present number of ninety-one.