County Officials 1977

1supptext78_35.gifBus Committee-J. Zenko, P. Stepa, R. Cote;
School Building Committee-O. Noel, R. Cheshire, B.Smith, J. Drobot;
Principal's Association-B. Smith and Alternates
Hospital Board-O. Noel, No.1; R. Bouchard, No.2; R.Cote, No.3.

During the year of 1977 the Elk Point General and Auxiliary and Nursing Home District was formed. 'A Building Standards By-Law was brought in in 1977, and the County of St. Paul became an authorized municipality as relates to the issuance of building permits.

The Airport Commission was formed in '77 involving both the county and the town of St. Paul. A Regional Recreation Board was formed in Divisions I and 2 and the town of Elk Point. This allows greater scope in recreational activities and planning, due to expanded population participation, also a region is eligible for additional grants from the provincial government. A plebiscite to permit a tax for recreation purposes failed again, but more interest points toward future acceptance of this concept.

A Public Works Superintendent was employed for the first time, when R. Jamen commenced duties on February 1, 1977. John Benson from Alberta Education was appointed superintendent of schools for an interim period.

Three new motor graders were purchased by the county in 1977 at a cost of $80,647.00 each. These massive machines were at work helping to keep the county's roads in shape. Several miles of surface oiling was done during the year, with many smaller projects undertaken. Snow removal was not a major problem in '77, but the months of August and September saw continued rains delay road building, and led to poor conditions in places, keeping the maintenance crews hopping, and some complaints from the rate-payers.

In total 1977 was a good year for the County of St. Paul; much was initiated and much accomplished. The councillors always hope to do better next year.

Employees of the St. Paul County, John and Rose Pankow are custodians of the F. G. Miller High &hool, Elk Point