Skate-a-thon 1973


It's not true that Alf Fakely at 62, the oldest participant in the Skate-A-Thon was carried off the ice because he was unable to walk. He kept up a steady pace of two laps per minute during the allotted thirty minutes, to earn a whopping $400.20 for the arena fund. The Skate-A-Thon was sponsored by the Elk Point Figure Skating Club and took in $2500.00.

Skate-a-thon a success

St Paul Journal March 1973

ELK POINT — A Skate-a-­thon, sponsored by the Elk Point Figure Skating Club on Sunday, March 3 and Monday, March 4, realized a whopping $2850.00 for the arena fund.

Forty-six skaters, ranging in age from four years to sixty-three took part, skating for one-half hour each.

Mr. Alf Fakely of Lind­bergh, the oldest participant, skated sixty laps at $6.67 per round for a total of $400.20, to take home the trophy for the most earned and the most pledged per lap.

Lonnie Mudryk of Elk Point received the trophy for the most laps — ninety in one-half hour. Runners-up in the most-laps category were Lorn Berg with eighty-eight and Ricky Pan­kiw with eighty.

Runners-up for most money per lap were Ed Soldan with $2.51 and Audrey Holliday with $2.14. For total money earned, runners-up were Ed Soldan with $198.27 and Tony Bochon with $143.12.

All the skaters are to be congratulated for the sup­reme effort they put into their skating and in getting spon­sors. The residents of Ek Point and district can be commend­ed for their financial support of this fund-raising project.

The money raised by the Skate-a-thon will be used to help pay the bank loan for the arena.

The following are the skaters who took part and the results: Barry Anderson, 67 laps, :67.00; Leigh Babcock, 69 laps, $69.00; Lorn Berg, 88 laps, $92.73; Melvin Beiber, 75 laps, $30.75; Tony, Bochon, 72 laps, $143.12; Allan Buck, 91 laps, $22.00; Eugene Buck, 65 laps, $128.00; Ed Buck, 72 laps, $127.04; Jeff Buck, 58 laps, $99.54; Cindy Ewasiuk, 48 laps, $13.44; Alf Fakely, 60 laps, $400.20; Glenn Flanders, 74 laps, $23.68; Debbie Goz­jolko, 55 laps, $113.30; Gary Grykuliak, 61 laps, $18.91; Glenna Grykuliak, 27 laps, $54.27; Gordon Grykuliak, 65 laps, $72.80; Craig Hellquist, 74 laps, $11.84; Mark Hell­quist, 62 laps, $10.54; Tova Hellquist, 42 laps, $10.08; Audrey Holiday, 62 laps, $135.68; Tim Holliday, 73 laps, $64.40; Lance Isert, 58 laps, $17.69; Bruce Jacobson, 57 laps, $17.10; Anton Kaprow­ski, 79 laps, $26.07; Angela

Kondla. 46 laps $17.25;

Darrell Kryvenchuk, 41 laps, $18.04; Lynn Kryvenchuk, 42 laps, $15.54; Andrea Loren- son, 68 gaps, $138.72; Denise Maas, 40 laps, $38.00; Kris Ann Maas, 35 laps, $31.50; Kathy May, 68 laps, $40.12; Brent Mudryk, 68 laps, $48.28; Cindy Mudryk, 54 laps, $16.74; Lonnie Mudryk, 90 laps, $22.50; Wendy Mud­ryk, 55 laps, $52.80; Richard Nelson, 54 laps, $44.82; Ricky Pankiw, 80 laps, $120.00; Wesley Potts, 55 laps, $35.75; Tom Seal. 79 laps, $48.19; Maureen Stewart, 44 laps, $12.76; d Soldan, 77 laps, $198.27; Margaret Soldan, 51 laps, $51.00; Beverly Topilka, 61 laps, $78.69; Dwayne Yaremkewich, 73 laps, $21.90; Wend Yaremkewich, 55 laps, $30.25; Darcy Younghans, 63 laps, $31.50.


Card of thanks

My appreciation is extend­ed to the Lions Club of Elk Point who sponsored the Ice Carnival Queen Contest, and to my campaign managers, Mr. Jim Young and Mr. Tahkar.

I offer best regards to the princesses and the acknowl­edgement to their worthy efforts. Also thanks to every­one who contributed to my winning the competition. Thanks for the lovely bouquet of roses and bracelet. To represent Elk Point Ice Carnival Queen of 74 was a pleasure.

Thankyou Esthea Buksa




Card of thanks

ELK POINT — We, the princesses of the 1974 Elk Point Figure Skating Carnival extend our sincere apprecia­tion to all the people who supported each of us, to our campaign managers, and to the Lions Club for enabling us to participate in the excite­ment of the Carnival Queen Contest.


Elaine Nelson, Eliza Fry­ingpan, Suzan Bartholemew, and Linda Swedgan