Imperial Lumber 1977

IMPERIAL LUMBER CO. LTD. 19771supptext78_7.gif

by Diane Turzanski

Imperial Lumber was first constructed in 1927 by T.G. Cook, under the management of Frank Suter. The company's main business was lumber and hardware, as it still is today Since then there has been a change in construction of houses. In 1967 the Prefab package was introduced by Imperial Lumber and then reintroduced by Imperial Homes in 1973.




STAFF: C. LaBerge, J. Gozolko, Diane Turzanski, M. Seniuk.

Managements succeeding Frank Suter were O.K. Nelson, Roy Mann, Andy Stepaniuk, Mike Nykiforuk, Phil Sheplawy, Gordon Kuhn, Lloyd Metz and at present Calvin LaBerge. Employed with Calvin is Ed Vogel, the Home Consultant; John Gozjolko, Diane Turzanski and Marshall Seniuk