Physical Fun Classes


1reftext77_1_31.gifby Elizabeth Didow

Phys - Fun was a Keep Fit organization. Daisy (Keck) Young was the first leader, taking her training in Red Deer, sponsored by the government. In 1948-49-50 others took the course: Evangeline (Scraba) Munns, was one. Keep Fit classes were instructions given to the senior ladies while BeBops were enjoyed by the young group. Body improving exercises were done and the young girls were taught tap dancing. These were much fun and everyone felt better for it. Some of those who participated were Grace Barwick, Mary Soldan, Marion Tredger, Elsie Shewchuk, and Neva Beattie.



LEFT TO RIGHT: Elizabeth Soldan, Joanne Miller, Susan Sheplawy, Ruby Prusak,

Myrna Valentine, Jill Fenton, Lillian Prusak, Evangeline Scraba, (Instructor).