Rilla Higgins


by Rilla Higgins

As the Elk Point correspondent to the St. Paul Journal since October 1975, I've had the opportunity to meet many people and be involved in countless local happenings. Working for the media is an almost continual learning experience.

Rilla Higgins, Elk Point reporter for the &. Paul Journal with her M.G.M. Sports Car.

My job with the St. Paul Journal has allowed me to chronicle the progress of Elk Point on a weekly basis. I've had the pleasure of covering the official openings of our new hospital, Buckingham House, and Pioneer Circle's Drop-In Centre. On the other hand, I've felt the horror of tragedy due to fire and traffic accident. I've felt the pride that engulfs everyone during a high school graduation exercise. I've shared in many proud moments as a Tweenie becomes a full fledged Brownie, as a Brownie flies up to Guides, as a Cub or a Scout recites his pledge. I've snapped pictures of all kinds of winners and of all sorts of achievements.

Every job has its drawbacks, of course, and being a newspaper correspondent has its share. Many times a phone call has interrupted a meal or taken me away from family activities. Many, many nights are spent burning the candle at both ends in preparation for Monday's news deadline.

Elk Point is a very active community and as its correspondent, I'm kept busy. I look forward to continued participation in and recording of Elk Point's happenings using my camera and my typewriter.