Clinic 1977

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by Mary Derewynka

Dr. K. C. Miller started working at the Elk Point Clinic in 1953. Dr. E. D. Bauld started in October, 1973, and is still here. Dr. Lorne V. Jonet started in December, 1973 and stayed at the clinic until June 30, 1976. He came back to the clinic to work for short periods in the fall of 1976 and also did the anaesthetics at the hospital untjl he left town in March, 1977, to go into Public Health in Edmonton.

Sharon Algot has been with the clinic as part-time office staff since 1967. Cheryl Cabaj started as receptionist on April 20, 1976 and resigned on February 28, 1977. Mary Derewynka started in the office on March 1, 1961 and is still here. Marge Jacobson started work in the lab and X-ray departments on September 2,1969. Gwen Morris started as lab assistant on March 24, 1975, and resigned January 13, 1978. Carol Metz started in the office January 24, 1978. Mike and Mary Musijowski have been the caretakers since February 1, 1974.

The clinic draws its patients from a large area as far east as the Saskatchewan border and from other areas such as St. Paul, Ashmont, St. Lina, McRae, Glendon, Sugden, Bonnyville, La Corey, Fort Kent, Cold Lake, Grand Centre, Iron River, etc.

Minor lab tests are done at the clinic and those we are not able to do we send to a lab in Edmonton and the results are sent back by telex to the hospital where we pick them up daily and bring them to the clinic. Electro cardiograms and X-rays of the extremeties are done, as well as allergy and other injections, medical examinations for drivers' medicals, preschool entrance exams, preemployment and life insurance medicals, as well as medicals for health reasons, as this is a general practice. The doctors have to do surgery, orthopaedics, pediatrics, maternity. Anything that cannot be handled here is referred to a specialist in Edmonton. At present Dr. R. Thompson of Cold Lake comes down to give the anaesthetics for surgery.

The work in the office consists of answering the phone, making appointments for referrals, making out the Alberta Health Care Insurance cards, coding and sending them and checking the accounts when they come to see if they are all paid and sending bills to the people whose claims have been rejected, filling in WCB forms, accounts, etc., doing the daily books, and monthly balance, bank deposits, writing letters, filing and pulling the charts for appointments, keeping track of patients' admissions and discharges, surgery etc., and getting a copy of out-patients seen at the hospitals for billing purposes as well as house calls, making up the charts and trying to get all insurance numbers as well as out-of-province patients' numbers and whatever else comes along that has to be done.



BACK ROW, Left to Right: Mary Derewynka, Carol Metz, Margaret Jacobson, Sharon Algot.

FRONT ROW: Dr. Bauld, Dr. K. C. Miller.