Badminton 1977

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byR. Onusko

An open badminton club was formed in October of 1977 under the direction of Albert Boratynec and Ron Onusko. The club met weekly for competition on Sunday evenings in the F. G. Miller High School gym. The club was formed to meet a number of needs: provide an opportunity for recreational play,allow school players to have out-of-season competition, and provide a base for inter-club play.

Members were expected to furnish their own rackets and contributed fifty cents an evening to maintain a supply of birds.

The following participated in badminton play in 1977: Jay Evans, Audrey Holliday, Debbie Gozjolko, Terry Gusnowski, Lorelie Stewart, Wendy Sikora, Dave Helm, Phil Shankowski, Greg Lazicki, Bert Joly, David Shankowski, Bryan Rosychuk, Carol Bucyk, Ken Bucyk, Ken Pankiw, Alvin Pankiw, Carolyn Onusko, Ron Onusko, Albert Boratynec, Gary Bjornstad, Diane Ockerman, Sandra Ockerman, Bruce Jacobson, Murray Aarbo, Lonnie Mudryk, Vicki Stepa, Randy Ballas, Gary Ballas, and Sharon Habiak.