Moose Ranch, Feb 9/10 - On Jan.27, 25 to 30 men met at Charles Hood's and organized a local improvement district. Some came with mules, some with horses, some on skiis, and some on oxen.

Hopkins, July 27/10 - The steamer Edmonton, due to arrive last Wednesday, July 12, has met with an accident up the river and may be unable to proceed further.

Sept. 14, 1910 - Harry and Fred Smith of Elk Point left town September 10 with supplies for a three month hunting and trapping trip into the north. They will leave the Sa­skatchewan in about two weeks and drive to Cold Lake whence they will proceed with pack horses to a point some 250 miles north of here. They expect to return in about one year.

Dec.21, 1910 - Charles Hood of Elk Point marketed 1000 lbs. of wool in Vermilion Saturday. Mr. Hood is an extensive sheep raiser and progressive settler. He has also recently pur­chased a quarter section of land (160 A) adjourning his farm for $2000.00 cash. When it is noted that the nearest railway yet is forty-five miles distance from this settlement and a river to cross by ferry as well, an idea can be obtained of relative land values.

March 22, 1911 - A small cyclone struck Elk Point Monday evening and everything that was not securely fastened was carried away.