Preventative Social Services


by Don Robertson

The first written record of Elk Point expressing an interest in participating in a P.S.S. program is dated February 3, 1971, in a letter written to Elk Point Town Council, thanking them for having invited the St. Paul Director, Mr. Anthony Tobin, to discuss the P.S.S. programs. On February 25, 1971, a letter was sent by municipal secretary P. Petrosky, indicating that the council was not in a position to join the P.S.S. program.

A P.S.S. program was eventually started though, as part of the St. Paul P.S.S. operation, in 1972. The first board consisted of (Mrs.) V. Andrishak, (Mrs.) Erna Holliday, Rev. Brian Hunter, (Mrs.) Mary Bochon, (Mrs.) Lois Sheplawy, (Mrs.) M. Rae and S.A. Holthe. The first director for the board was Mr. Charles J. McLaughlin, who resigned on July 10, 1973, after which Mr. Vern Leopky took over.

During those first years the directors and the board looked pretty hard at Elk Point, trying to determine what they could do to assist the community. The answers came out in the form of projects that were started and are still continuing today. The Teen Centre project was the first organized formal offshoot of the P.S.S. Board. It was started in May, 1974.

The 1974 P.S.S. Board was made up of the following:

Rev. Vincent, Dr. Bauld, Don Conrad, Lois Sheplawy, Mary Bochon, and Sid Holthe. At this time the seeds of the Pioneer Circle Club were sown and shortly after the club became a reality.

At the end of 1974 Mr. Leopky left. Mr. Smith was the new director. He stayed until June, 1975. At this time the board of directors were Mary Bochon, Sid Holthe, Lois Sheplawy, Rev. Allan Miller, Dr. David Didlow and Dr. Bauld.

In September, 1975, a new director was hired, Don Robertson, myself. Members of the board are Dr. Bauld, Doctor Didow, Rilla Higgins, Jeanine Boratynec, Alphi Hurtubise, Vera Romanchuk and Bill Schuhmacher.

The board is looking forward to the 1977-78 year with four new projects waiting in the wings, bringing the total number up to eight. They are Director project, Teen Centre project, Meals on Wheels project, Economic Development project, Elk Point Volunteer project.

The first Elk Point P.S.S. budget was submitted for $828.03; today's budget has been submitted for slightly over $25,000.00.