Milk Deliveries

By Martin Aarbo1reftext77_17.gif

In the early days in the Elk Point district, most settlers had milk cows for their own use. Neighbors, not milking cows, would buy butter and milk from them.

Some people living in town had their own cows. This writer remembers Ma Caskey's red cow, kept to supply milk for the hotel, was stabled in the livery barn.

During the day, Ma would turn the cow loose to feed on hay that the customers of the livery barns had in their cutters and wagon boxes. This sometimes led to ill feeling, but Ma Caskey almost always had the last word, and it did not seem to hurt the livery business.

It was not until 1928, when the new hospital was built, that milk deliveries were first made.2county22_8.gif

At this time a contract was signed with Tom Aarbo to deliver milk and guarantee a year round supply. Mr. Aarbo carried on for about ten years, after which Mr. Jim Millar started house deliveries and also supplied the hospital.

Starting about 1940, Mr. Nick Scraba delivered milk house to house until 1966. At this time, Mrs. Robinson also delivered to a few customers.

The Babcock brothers delivered to the hospital from 1955 to 1964.

Jens Aarbo took over from Babcocks and also made house deliveries until 1971.

Northern Alberta Dairy Pool and Palm Dairies, Edmonton, are now serving the town. Delivery is made only to the hospital and the stores.