Further Education 1977


by Margaret Modin

The year 1977 saw the council in its fourth year of operation.

Members of the council were as follows:

S. A. Holthe, Chairman

AnnaBelle Cameron, Vice-Chairman

Margaret Modin, Secretary-Coordinator

Gwen Nelson, Incoming Coordinator

Laverne Wilson, Heinsburg School

George Sanders, Heinsburg

Zonia Onishenko, Assistant to Coordinator, Heinsburg

Bob Hendriks, Heinsburg

Bob Smith, Heinsburg, School Committee, County of St. Paul

Dave Beckman, Director Further Education, Edmonton

Bill Shields, Assistant Director, Emonton

Irene Miller, Elk Point

Irene Magnusson, Elk Point

lrene Melin, Elk Point Elementary School

Velma Andrishak, Elk Point

Terry Holmgren, District Agriculturalist, St. Paul

Sharon O'Reilly, District Home Economist, St. Paul

Faye Smith, Women of Unifarm, Elk Point

Bea Sumpton, U. C. W., Elk Point

Lawrence Modin, Lions Club, Elk Point

Anne Kates, Senior Citizens, Elk Point

Sherry Pelech, Windsor Club, Lindbergh

Paul Stepa, Town Rep. to County Council, Elk Point

Don Robertson, P.5.5. Director, Elk Point

Al Machinski, Ass't Supt. County of St. Paul, St. Paul

Wayne Shillingron, Coordinator, Lakeland College, St. Paul

Ronald Flanders, Unifarm, Elk Point

Bertha Christenson, Fishing Lake Colony, Sputinow

Phil Matveyenko, Principal, F. G. Miller High School, Elk Point

Mr. Matveyenko joined the staff of F. G. Miller for the term 1977-78 and at that time was invited to become a member of the council.


Quilt made by Further Education Class under the instruction of Mrs. Violet McFadyen

The quilt won first prize at the Elk Point Fair.

The council met as a total body on several occasions to discuss plans for the new courses and improvement of the old ones. It is the desire of the council that each member representing a group has contact with the membership of the group and is thus in a position to speak for a number of people.

Among the courses offered in the sessions during the winter of 1977 were Bishop Method of Sewing, Basic Sewing, Ukrainian Cooking, Crochet I and II, Art of Easter Egg Decorating, Beadwork (Heinsburg), Cross-Country Skiing I, II, III, Let's Make Music, and Cree. In addition to these, Lakeland College sponsored some with which we helped in the coordination.

During the course of the winter and spring, Sid and I were able to take advantage of several workshops on adult education. We both attended one in Vermilion and I attended one in Edmonton. After four years with the council I felt the need to give up the coordinator's job since I was not able to do justice to it and my job at the school as well; thus in June of 1977 Gwen Nelson was hired to take over the job in November when the annual meeting was held. Little did she know that she would become full time coordinator with just a very little help from me in September; however, she became active then and the fall courses which she was responsible for setting up included Needlepoint, Elk Point; Basic Car Care, Heinsburg; Physical Fitness, Heinsburg; Hair Care, Elk Point; Sewing with Denim I and II, Elk Point; Crochet and Cake Decorating.