Elk Point Hospital 1977


by Norma Berg

The year 1977 was a busy one, settling into the routine of running our new facility. Total admissions for the year were 1,806, and total out-patients' visits numbered 5,564.

Early summer saw our grounds turn green overnight, as our two maintenance men, assisted by part-time helpers George Dikeman, Ronald Wickman, Jim O'Kane and John Bech, worked diligently to lay instant sod. Paving of the parking lot completed the project of beautifying the grounds.

In January, Dr. Jonat, who had been assisting with surgery, accepted a position with the city of Edmonton. The staff honored him with an afternoon coffee party, and wished him well in his new position. The staff also joined the Elk Point community at the Pioneer Circle Centre to bid farewell Dr. Jonat and his wife Jean. A tray was presented to them from the community and a piggy bank of money from the hospital staff.

Since Dr. Jonat's departure, Dr. Thompson, anesthetist, now travels from Cold Lake on a weekly basis, to administer anesthetics. Dr. Hnatko, microbiologist, Dr. Bernier, radiologist, and Dr. Boutin, laboratory consultant, visit our hospital semi-annually, on a consulting basis, to advise and share their knowledge, each in his own field.

The Elk Point Hospital Ladies' Auxiliary sponsored a tea, bake sale and rug raffle on May twelfth, Hospital Day. Tours were conducted and pamphlets, which were printed for the occasion, were given to visitors and staff members.

Later in the year the Ladies' Auxiliary presented the hospital with twelve over-bed tables, a blood-pressure pad and a portable blood-pressure unit. Mr. Tom Belsheim, on behalf of the hospital board, thanked the ladies for their generous contribution and acknowledged the efforts of the auxiliary in all their fund-raising drives.

The In-service Co-ordinator, Diane Anderson, along with department heads, has scheduled various lectures and seminars throughout the year, which have been informative and educational to the entire staff, as well as to participating parents.

A comprehensive cardiac care course was offered to all nursing staff, and was completed in May. In the fall a series of lectures was available to the staff, also to the board members, to teach heart massage and mouth to mouth resuscitation, with demonstrations on our 'Resusci-Anne' doll. (Mrs.) Diane Anderson showed a series of films in conjunction with the course, and at its conclusion all staff members had the opportunity to go through a practice on points learned through the lecture.


Barbara Milholland presenting hospital staff gift to Dr. Jonat.

(Mrs.) Jean Jonat displaying tray presented to them by Pioneer Circle.

A Diabetic Clinic was held November 15, sponsored by the hospital, with approximately forty patients participating, who live in the hospital area. The agenda included films, talks and question periods, and the hospital provided lunch. Following this clinic, the hospital offers diabetic teaching for all the affected patients and their families on a continuing basis.

On November 24 and 25 a Red Cross seminar was a huge success, and the material presented was most informative, with nine hospitals represented and forty-seven members registered.

Also in November, Mr. Merrill Clark, supervisor of A.A. D. A. C. (Alcohol and Drug Abuse) presented an excellent seminar to the hosptial staff on the use and abuse of alcohol and street drugs.

Numerous guided tours were conducted throughout the year. In February the Derwent Kindergarten class paid a visit, and showed a great deal of interest in the new equipment. Various hospital representatives visited our new facility, with a keen interest for ideas to use in planning in their own areas.

In October Max Borowsky retired from the hospital board, and at his final meeting the chairman, board members and the administrator, Walter Saranchuk, joined together in thanking Mr. Borowsky for his many years of public service. Max served for twenty years on the board, and was involved in the entire planning and building stages of our new complex. Two new board members were welcomed, Mr. Don Robertson representing Ward 2, and Mr. Doug Berg representing Ward 6.

The following students, Joanne Ference, Brenda Suvak, Roxie Berg, Diane Swedgan, Heather Radies, Cheryl Pankiw and Angela Kondla have participated in the Work Experience program offered by the F. G. Miller High School, joining our staff as volunteers. We feel they have enjoyed their experience with us and the hospital appreciates their valuable assistance.

On October 1 our rated capacity for active treatment had increased by seven beds and three more staff members were approved. We