Ag Society Meeting Aug 3 1972

Agricultural Society Meet in Elk Point

The E1k Point Agricultural Society held a successful meeting Thursday, August 3rd in the Court Room, chaired by president Larry Babcock, with twenty six members present.

Minutes of the January 6th organizational meeting and those of subsequent Building Committee meetings were read and moved for adoption.

Barry Goldberg reported for the Building Committee that the arena is progressing well. The roof at the west end is not completed due to a delay in in block work. The waiting room is under construction, with electrical and plumbing installations roughed in.

The purpose of t h e meeting was to estimate financial needs to complete the structure, and during a serious discussion the various requirements were outlined. Following this a motion was passed that the Finance Committee investigate me a n s by which, a substantial loan may be obtained.

Committees w e r e set up at this meeting, with chairmen named, who will enlist their own committee members: Finance Chairman — Dr. Charles Anderson; Official Opening Chairman — Dr. David Didow; Booth Committee Chairman — Albert Boratynec; Publicity — Velma Andrishak; Ice Schedule — to be determined later; Agricultural Committee — Peter Ference and Dave Beckman.

The following motions were passed:

(1)   That the District Agriculturist be invited to work one day per week in Elk Point.

(2)    That Walter Saranchuk be appointed auditor, subject to the approval of the department.

(3) That the Society's year end be December 31. - The meeting was adjourned on a motion from the floor.