10 Question about Ag Society

Elk Point Section

St Paul Journal, Aug 1, 1972

10 Questions For Elk Point

1.     Who called a meeting of the Elk Point Agricultural So­ciety, Sunday, July 30th, at 7:30 p.m.?

Answer: The chairman, Lar­ry Babcock.

2.     Who was notified of the meeting?

The sixty-eight members, and all other interested citizens.

3.     How was the meeting pub­licized?

By telephone, and in the St. Paul Journal.

4.     What was on the agenda? To draw up a constitution, and to establish the following com­mittees: (i) Finance, (ii) Ice Schedule, (iii) Booth, and (iv) Grand Opening.

5.     Why a constitution? So the Building Committee would have the authority to borrow money to complete the arena.

6.     Who came to the meeting?

The chairman, two directors, three members, a teenage girl and two ladies.

7.       How much business was transacted? None. There were not enough present to form a quorum.

8.     Where were the rest of the members?

9.          Where were you?

10.           When is the next meeting?

Thursday, August 3rd in the Court Room at 8:00 p.m. That's right. It's tonight.

This meeting is of vital im­portance or it wouldn't have been called. Sure, it's vacation time, but would you really ra­ther have had it last May?

The trouble with a lot of us is that the arena has come about so easily, with no involv­ment on our part except a one dollar membership when t h e Agricultural Society was forM­ed in January of this year.

It's time, then, to acknowled­ge that for a few years a hand­ful of people have each put in hundreds of hours to bring a tremendous facility almost to completion.

First, they called themselves the Arena Board. Then they became the Building Commit­tee. They've done it alone.

Now they need help. They need support. They need mo­ney. They need you.

Money? Not a lot. Fifteen thousand would do.

At the Thursday meeting you will be presented with the Fi­nancial Statement, and y o u may be mildly surprised. Re­ceipts to July 30, 1972 total $96,562.14. Pretty impressive — and not all pledges have been honored.

Further in the statement you will see that disbursements to date have been $76,701.16, Ac­counts Payable total $36,690.81, and Accounts Receivable $2,­421.90.

The Elk Point arena is going to cost about $120,000 and will compare favorably with others in the province that cost $160,­000.00. And if you're wondering how it can be done for a sav­ing of forty thousand, that's the price tag you can put on the efforts and the vision of the guys referred to earlier. And to think when the whole thing started many minds boggled at the suggestion that an arena might cost is sixty thousand dollars.

If enough of us show up on Thursday evening, a constitu­tion can be drawn up. (The D.A. will help).

If we have a constitution, there will be the means by which the executive can borrow money.

If they can borrow money the bills will be paid and the arena completed.

If enough people come to the meeting.

If you come.

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