Unifarm 1978


Submitted by Jim Boyd, Regional Director

Unifarm, Alberta's general farm organization, made slow but steady progress trying to solve the many problems that face today's farmers and ranchers.

One of the difficulties Unifarm has had in the past is the number of farmers that will not join the organization. This has continued this past year but the membership has stabilized at about fourteen thousand.

Mr. Dobson Lea who has served the organization for the last seven years, stepped down as president and was replaced by Mr. Howard Tollanberg from Camrose. There were two new vice-presidents elected at this year's annual meeting in Edmonton-Mr. Dan Manderson from Ryley and Mr. Charlie Archib lad from Rossilyn.

The Alberta Cattle Commission, to which all those selling cattle in Alberta and paying the twenty cent checkoff are members, joined Unifarm as the eighteenth commodity organization to become a member. This move should strengthen both organizations and provide a forum where problems of common interest can be solved.

The annual meeting of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture was held in Quebec City this year. Unifarm is a member of C. F. A. and Mr. Dobson Lea was elected to replace retiring President Charles Munroe. I had the privilege of attending as a delegate, and the hospitality of the Quebec delegation and the people there will be hard to duplicate.

Unifarm has continued to speak on behalf of all farmers in the areas on taxation, stabilization, land use, surface rights, crop insurance, water control, transportation, farm safety, research and other pertinent matters.

The membership in the local area is very low since the membership canvassing has become too expensive to conduct. However, Unifarm memberships can be obtained by mailing to central office.

Region Four will be holding the annual meeting of the Region on April 10 in the Elks Hall of St. Paul, Alberta.