AG Ross Arena

Beginning of the Arena

by Ray Hellquist and Marvin Bjornstad

In the late 1960's quite a lot of the Elk Point community got quite interested in discussions about a covered rink. Â—Many young players were playing in other towns: Marwayne, Dewberry and St Paul in covered rinks. Â—Hockey's popularity was growing but the outdoor rink did not meet needs of growing young group. Â—Winter travel was becoming easier and more common. Â—More discussion of a covered rink was in the air. Hockey moms like Marion Tredger and Helen Petrosky were asking questions of town officials. 

Governments address Recreation

—The AB Government allows towns to form Recreation Boards in 1968. Â—Elk Point creates Rec Board in Sept 6, 1968 with Ed Pankiw, Des Berghofer, Bill Millholland, Ray Hellquist, Orin Davis as members. Â—They managed the outdoor rink with help from hockey personnel: Bill Babenek, Jim Tredger, Gabe Dumont, Don Moneta, Barry Maas and Randy Kulczycki. This group was paid $125 to take care of rink for the year. A survey of recreation needs of Elk Point was done. An arena was seen as a prominent need.

Arena Board Meeting Sept 22 1970
—The new group was named Elk Point and District Arena Board. Â—President Dave Didow, Â—Vice Pres Allan Buck, Â—Sec Treas Ed Pankiw
Members: Barry Goldberg, Ken Palamerek, Paul Stepa, Ed Soldan, Ed Buck, Orest Fedorous, Larry Babcock
—Dec 1970 Arena Board expands from 10 to 15 (1 south of River, 1 Stoney Lake, 1 North of EP, 2 Heinsburg)
—Dec 1970 Arena Proposal – all concrete, Proposed $93,000 Ice Fees $1.00 per season, 25 cents per occasion
Community Preparations Start 1971
—Oct 23 St Paul Coaches Clinic attended by Bob Krawchuk, David Bespalko, Alan Slywka, Ed Babiniuk, Victor Stepa
—Nov 1971 Ray Hellquist, Sid Holthe, Erna Holliday, Velma Andrishak and Harry Krawchuk visit St Paul to look at their system.
Hockey outdoors – Last Season
—Nov 1971 Hockey Coaches (Outdoors):
—Midget: Marvin Bjornstad, Harvey Aarbo
—Bantam: Marvin Bjornstad, Harvey Aarbo
—Pee Wee: Ralph Mann, Bob Krawchuk, David Petrosky
—Tom Thumbs: Ed Soldan, Steve Andrishak, Ray Hellquist
—Atoms: A. Boratynec, R. Onusko, P. Grykuliak

Tom Thumbs 1971 - 1972