Virginia's Hairport


by Virginia Mudryk

I started my hairdressing training on November 6, 1967, at the Sophie Tuson Hairdressing School in Vegreville, Alberta. We lived in Derwent, then. For eight months I left my four children, Lonnie age nine, Cynthia seven, Wendy four, and Brent two, with my husband Emil. They were a hard eight months, but when I completed my course, Emil had converted part of our basement into a shop and I started hairdressing under the name of Virginia's Beauty Lounge.


Virginia's  first Beauty Parlor in Elk Point, the Co-op Store now stands here.

My shop consisted of one dryer, counter, and sink, few perm rods, rollers, hair clips, colors and hairspray. I charged $1.50 for a cut and $1.75 for a shampoo and set. My perms started at $6.50 and the best perm was $10.00. This of course included a haircut.

After a year I bought Mary Woloshyn's shop and did hairdressing there till we moved to Elk Point, June 28, 1971.1 rented the Beauty Shop from Joyce Oryschuk for five years. During that time I only had part-time help. Some of the hairdressers that worked for me were Joyce Oryschuk, Ruth Andriaschuk, and Rosemarie Vingi.

Starting in December, 1975, Terry Mudryk (husband's nephew's wife) assisted me for seven months. They moved and I was alone again. I then just hired shampoo girls. They were Shauna Sheplawy, Evon Bochon, and Sin Thir, and my two daughters, Cindy and Wendy.

In September 1976 1 hired Dee Joly. Once again I had professional help. In November of 1976 I moved across the street and started renting the previous hobby shop from Mr. Doug McPherson. I changed the shop's name to Virginia's Hair Port. By this time my clientele was a mixture of men, boys and women. In March of 1977, Dee Joly set up her own shop. I am working alone now. My daughter Wendy, now fourteen, is a big help as she is very efficient in the shop Wanda Buck fills in for her when she is away.


Virginia ready for work.

I now have three dryers, use a hair blower, curling iron, and also have gone into retailing jewelry, cosmetics, etc. The average haircut is $6.00, and the perms start at $15.00 to $30.00; cuts are not included.

Things have really changed in hairdressing and I find I have to go to at least three seminars a year to keep up with cuts and styles. I still find hairdressing very rewarding and challenging.