Red Cross 1977

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by Irene Buck

President - Rodah Lorenson
Secretary-Treasurer - Georgina Morris
Sewing Convenor - Vera Fakeley
Convention Delegate - Wasy Elaschuk

The Lindbergh Branch meets four times a year with a membership of 9. These members get a goodly amount of work done during the year and 1977 was no exception. They made 54 articles consisting of ladies dresses, men's shirts and afghans, which were sent to A.I.D. (Assistance International and Domestic) Women's Work Dept. in Calgary. Thirty-four knitted articles consisting of toques, scarves and slippers, socks and mitts were sent to Calgary to be used for the Chard and Conklin Northern Mission at Christmas time.

The ladies also contributed items to the Water Safety Bazaar sponsored by the Elk Point Branch and held in April of each year.

Several members attended the Blood Donor Clinic held in St. Paul in September.


by M. Modin

President-Violet McFadyen
Secretary-Treasurer-Margaret Modin
Sewing Convenor-Estella Young
Convention Delegate-Niki Riemer
Vice-President-Jan Srinivasan

The Elk Point Branch met nine times in 1977 with a membership of 22. The activities were varied. Several quilts were made for the Water Safety Sale and two were made and taken to Edmonton where they were put back into the Disaster Depot to help replace the many which we had received in this area for fire victims during 1977. Much time and effort was put into the making of a Rosette quilt which even with the effort did not get completed in 1977.

Ninety-four articles were knitted and sewn and sent to Calgary for A.I.D. (Assistance International and Domestic). These included sweaters, afghans, ladies dresses, dashiki shirts, panty-dresses, children's gowns and vests, and a baby shawl. Seventeen articles, consisting of socks, mittens, caps and scarves were made and sent to Chard, Conklin Northern Mission.

One of the main activities of the year was the Bazaar and Bake Sale held in April to raise money to support the Water Safety Program held at Whitney Lake each summer. Our thanks go to Zarowny Motors for the free use of their garage for this event for many years, to the Lindbergh ladies who supported us to help make it a success, and to Buzzy Pelechosky who donated an afghan to be raffled. Thanks also to those folk who donated batts and material for the quilts.

The branch was the collection agency for a hamper given to Hazel and Gerald Stults early in 1977, Gerald and Hazel lost their home and contents in a fire just before Christmas 1976.


by M. Modin

The regional organization includes Elk Point town and rural area, Heinsburg, Landonville, Tulliby Lake, Clandonald, Dewberry and Lindbergh. It meets twice a year, once in Elk Point in the late fall, and once in Lindbergh in the spring. The main purpose of the regional organization is to tie the area together for such activities as the Water Safety Program and Campaign and help coordinate all Red Cross activities in this area.

The executive for 1977 included:
President-Margaret Modin (Regional Chairman... is appointed by Alberta Division)
Vice Presidents - Rodah Lorenson,
Violet McFadyen (President of the two branches)
Secretary-I ryne Buck
Treasurer-Niki Riemer
Women's Work-Estella Young
Campaign Chairman-Wasy Elaschuk
Water Safety Chairman-Laverne Wilson


Myrna Fox, appointed to the Provincial Youth Committee in 1977.

It is worthy of note here that Myrna Fox was appointed to the Provincial Youth Committee in 1977. She has many years of experience and interest in Junior Red Cross behind her.

The campaign was conducted in March of 1977 and netted an income of $2,068.00. This takes considerable effort by a few people who take the time to canvass; however, if we are to keep the services of Red Cross flowing it is necessary, and we express our sincere appreciation to them.

The Water Safety Program in 1977 had a total enrollment of 318 students... including 125 pre-beginners, 67 beginners, 47 juniors, 24 intermediate, 5 seniors, 50 survival. Five instructors were hired to teach these students. They were Sandra Hoithe, Instructor; Cathy Hines, Instructor; Rock Sharkey, Instructor; Sharon Osinchuk, Senior Leader; Leslie Hines, Senior Leader. This was the first year that the Water Safety Program was self-sufficient as far as funds go. You may say... why the Water Safety Sale and Bazaar... well, that always has had to subsidize the program as well as keep the pier in shape At one time it provided an entirely new pier.


Red Cross Swimming Class, Lake Whitney, with Sandra Holthe, swimming in

We had three major fires in 1977 leaving the Stults, Baptiste and Boyko families without homes and belongings. Through the Disaster Service of Red Cross we were able to get bedding and health kit supplies immediately for them.

If you are looking for a rewarding activity with the opportunity to help others, joins us, we'd be delighted.

A plan is only as valuable as the action that follows.

After the publication of our report in-Reflections, Mr. W. Elaschuk submitted this correction:

Re; the account of the Elk Point Red Cross Branch on p. 126, Reflections-A History of Elk Point and District. A portion of the account states "We are indebted to the Salt Plant for supplying both labor and material in the construction of the first pier." The above is only partly true. The Salt Plant did supply the material but the labor was voluntary by a few of the workers.