UFA 1978


by Doug Lindquist

The U. F. A. Bulk Petroleum Plant is situated one block east of Highway 41. It has been in operation since 1967. The bulk plant consists of an office, an oil warehouse and the bulk fuel tanks which hold 50,000 gallons of such products as purple gasoline, orange gasoline, diesel fuel and clear truck diesel. There are also retail gasoline pumps and a key-up pump for clear diesel. This enables truckers with a key to fill up twenty-four hours a day. There are presently two delivery units-a 1976 Dodge with a 1700 gallon tank and a 1973 Ford with a 1650 gallon tank.

There have been four agents since the U. F. A. took over the facilities from Maple Leaf Petroleum which was run by the Federated Co-op. In 1967 Bob Howlett became the first agent. He stayed a year and then became a Marketing Supervisor for U. F. A. The second agent, Terry Peterson, took over from him and was in business until he was tragically killed in a truck accident in late 1972. Hewitt Dibben was the agent from December of

1972 until September of 1975. The present agent, Doug Lindquist, took over then. The present staff also includes Gordon Ruthven, the counter man, who has been with U. F. A. since March of 1973, and Jim Lindquist who recently joined the business.

The U. F. A. has enjoyed a steady growth of business since it started and the staff hopes that 1978 will be the year when they hit the magic million gallons in fuel sales.