Alberta Wheat Pool


by Stephen Sharek

There were few changes in 1977 at the Alberta Wheat Pool here in Elk Point. Ron Stevens who was employed as elevator helper was forced to seek other employment as the grain dust was directly responsible for a bronchial condition which required medical attention. Don Lindquist was employed as elevator helper for several months and also left for other employment. Dennis Heffernan was transferred from Clandonald and is now employed here as an assistant elevator manager. Steven Sharek is elevator manager, He started July 1, 1976.

The 1977 crop was a difficult crop to handle as there was an early frost and damage to all grains is evident. Shipping is at a minimum as there is very little demand for low grade wheat and barley. A very large quantity of oats was grown but shipping for oats was almost nil and the annexes and elevator are overloaded with oats. Handling at this point has increased to the extent that it is impossible to handle all the grain with shipping as slow as it has been. The farmers have been forced to haul grain to other towns, but it only creates a similar situation in the other towns. The farmers faced with lower prices, smaller quotas, and lack of shipping are deprived of an adequate return for their labour and to some young farmers, this creates a very serious situation.

Some repairs will be made to improve the local elevators but the net result will be of little significance