Rodeo 1977

The fourth Annual Silver Buckle Rodeo is best related at this time through an article in the St. Paul Journal. The committee consisted of Steve Link, Clifford Swedgan and George Pinder.1supptext78.gif


The Fourth Annual Silver Buckle Rodeo, sponsored by the Elk Point and District Agricultural Society, got off to a fine start on the evening of Friday, June 10th.

R.C.M.P. Constable Brian Sparrow, in full dress uniform and bearing the Canadian flag led the mounted horsemen and horsewomen around the arena in a grand entry parade.

Following the playing of 0 Canada, Pioneer Circle President Mr. Dan Malachowski presented Elk Point resident Mr. Bill Bartling with a silver tray on behalf of the senior citizens' group. Mr. Bartling is the oldest citizen to have lived continuously in our community for the longest period of time.

The very successful rodeo drew a large crowd of between 500 and 600 people as spectators of and participants in the twenty-five events which followed. They travelled to Elk Point from a large area - Two Hills; Derwent; Lafond; Marwayne; Dewberry; Grand Centre; Pierceland; Saskatchewan; Bonnyville; Goodfish; Glendon; St. Paul; St. Lina; Ashmont; Saddle Lake; Spedden; Hamlin; Twin Creeks; and Lac La Biche.

-Five door prizes of Hesston Souvenir Buckles, donated by Paulichuk Farm Equipment, were awarded during the intermission. The Elk Point Lions Club also made their draw for a portable color television during the intermission time. Mrs. Cheryl Cabaj was declared the lucky winner.

Calf Roping winners were Jim Bailey of Ashmont (1st), Ed Radish (2nd), and Steve Link of Elk Point (3rd). Jim Bailey took home the trophy buckle donated by the Canadian Salt Co. Ltd. for this event.

Miles Cardinal of Goodfish won the Bareback Bronc Riding and the Elk Point Hotel trophy buckle. Danny Smith of Elk Point placed second.

Timed Wild Cow Milking was won by George Pinder of Elk Point with Jim Link of Elk Point placing second, and Jim Bailey of Ashmont third. Trophy buckles for this event were donated by John Wozniuk, Gulf Agent, and the Elk Point Pioneer Circle.

Allan Clark of Grand Centre won the Businessmen's

Wild Cow Milking Event and the N.A. Bochon, Esso Agent, trophy buckle. The Doug Lindquist, Milton Lorenson, and Steve Link team of Elk Point finished second, and Harvey Haines third.

Junior Wild Cow Milking for ages 18 years and under was won by Gary Suvak, Tim Holliday, and Don Hutton Jr. The trophy buckles for this event were donated by Elk Point Insurance and Realty. Brothers Kevin and Ted Hehr and teammate Bernie Poitras took second spot.

Winning the Steer Riding event was Randy Wickham of Elk Point. Randy took home the Doug Lindquist, U.F.A. Agent, trophy buckle plus monetary winnings for his successful but bone shaking ride. Tal L'Heureux of Pierceland placed second, followed by Kevin Hehr and Danny Smith, both of Elk Point.

Scott Rowen won the Calf Riding event and the buckle trophy donated by Neil and Mary Nelson of Lindbergh. Also placing in the prize money were Dennis Dunlop of Bonnyville, Tal L'Heureux of Pierceland, and Wayne Bailey of Ashmont. Brenda McKay of St. Paul was a surprising contender in this event.

The Calf Roping Scramble was won by Marvin Ference followed by Michael Topylki and a young Makokis boy. Marvin won the McHugh Brothers trophy buckle for his efforts.

Allan Clark of Grand Centre won the Wild Cow Race and the Double D Western Wear buckle. Murray Nielsen of St. Paul placed second.

Open Barrel Racing was won by Murry Nielsen with the fine time of 15.8 seconds. Murry earned the Ken's Sales and Service buckle for his ride. Wanda Eliott of St. Lina took second spot and Janice Lawton of Ashmont third.

The Junior Barrel Racing event and the trophy buckle donated by Bill's Furniture and Appliances was won by Jackie La Brecque of Lafond. Susan Trach of Two Hills finished second and Wanda Link of St. Paul third.

The All Around Cowboy trophy buckle donated by Paulichuk Farm Equipment was earned by Jim Bailey of Ashmont. The winner of this award is determined by standings in four senior events including Calf Roping and Timed Wild Cow Milking. Mr. Bailey was also the top money winner of the evening.

A Street Dance sponsored by the Elk Point 4-H Clubs provided a grand follow-up to the Rodeo. Despite the cool weather an excellent turn-out was reported. The cost of the musicians for the dance was absorbed by hotel owners, Jim and Duane Young, allowing the 4-H'ers a very profitable evening.


TIMED WILD COW MILKING Always provides a few laughs for rodeo spectators.

One way to stop a runaway horse is to bet on it.

The following is a resume of the Grand March as told by Constable D. B. Sparrow of the Elk Detachment.


(D.B. Sparrow) Cst. No.29408 Elk Point Detachment

Because I am a Royal Canadian Mounted Police ex-Musical Ride member, my fellow directors on the Elk Point Agriculture Society thought it would be colorful to have me lead the Grand March on horse back carrying the Canadian Flag in the '77 Rodeo. Bearing in mind that it might be hard to find a horse and tack similar to that which I had been used to, I accepted the challenge.

I finally narrowed the search for a horse down to Zipper, a brown standardbred, belonging to Clifford Swedgan. Mrs. A. Gregoraschuk supplied the Stubban saddle and the R.C.M.P. Stores in Edmonton supplied the double bridle, white head rope, and the shaberack. The Stony Lake Stampede Association supplied a pole with the Canadian Flag.

During the warm-up exercises in the arena about one half hour prior to the parade, there was a moment or two of excitement and tension. Zipper, for some reason, decided he'd prefer to be out in his pasture without this red coated Mountie and Canadian Flag on his back, so he decided to lighten the load. He reared in an attempt to dump the constable but unknown to him, the rider had some experience with these situations. Both of us got a rude awakening when we ended up on our backs on the arena floor. However, we all pulled ourselves together, brushed off and got on with the task at hand.

The parade proceeded uneventfully after this, with Zipper keeping a very watchful eye on the crowd and shaking in his shoes every time a flash bulb went off.


Constable D. B. Sparrow leading the Grand March.