by Ed Gregoraschuk

In 1964 I was in the construction business and was purchasing a 2000 sq. ft. building from Mrs. Harry Ramsbottom, a building previously known as the Caskey Garage. While I was on construction, I kept thinking about a business where people could come and buy good quality merchandise at genuine savings... a business which would operate on a cash basis only, eliminating one of the greatest hazards of business-credit.

It was one night after an out-of-town curling bonspiel that the idea of a franchise in Macleod's was discussed with some of my friends. I was young and just starting on the road through life, striving towards a goal. I had experience in some of the fields, as I was the son of an Imperial Lumber manager and often helped my dad after school and Saturdays. We surveyed the trading area and were quite convinced that the town of Elk Point could use the service. Soon the investment was made and the merchandise, fixtures, educational and sales facts, books, operating manuals, bookkeeping systems and flyers were snowing us in.

With the help of two employees, Mary Zaparyniuk and Eugene Zaparyniuk, soon the flyers were sent out, operating manuals and merchandise were on the shelves and now it all depended on the ability and initiative of the "captain". The Big Day-our Grand Opening was June 11,1964. I am sure everyone in Elk Point will remember, as the two-day opening was well supported. Local people, as well those from the out-lying districts covering sixty miles, turned out This indeed encouraged us in the belief that there was a need of an outlet of this kind.

In 1965 we decided that additional space was required and a receiving room was added Eveleen Iverson joined our staff. In 1968 an opportunity presented itself and we purchased from Oron Davis a newer building known as the Davis 5 to $1.00 Store. The Ramsbottom building served us as our warehouse. Maryann Bugera, a former employee of the Davis 5 to $1.00 Store joined our Macleods staff. Soon the town grew and the Co-op required a new building, so the Ramsbottom building was sold and demolished.

The need to incorporate was felt, and was finalized in 1969. Pat Swedgan joined our staff in 1975. We are presently adding on an additional 1500 sq. ft. to accommodate the consumers. They have helped to make the past years pleasant ones and we want them to know we appreciate it. Let us help you at Macleods, where you will be saving more.