Curling Club 1977

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by Paul Buck

The annual meeting of the Elk Point Curling Club was held in the curling rink on October 14, 1976, called to order by President Doug Berg. Secretary-Treasurer Carol Habiak read the minutes, and it was noted that the financial report showed a small balance.

Following the election of new officers the line-up showed President, Bill Ballas; Vice-President, Bill Bespalko; Secretary-Treasurer, Doug Lindquist. Committees were also elected, and the fee structure set up, as follows: Men-$35.00-with curling twice a week; Ladies-$25.00-curling twice a week; Mixed-$20.00-curling once a week; High School girls and boys-$15.00.

The kitchen was rented to Mrs. John Slywka for the season. Ice rental was set at $60.00 per day for any other club using it. Ice-maker's fee was set. Harry Shankowski accepted the job.

Activities for the season got under way with a 'fun-spiel', with a good turn-out. There were many one-day spiels, including the Elk Point Firemen; Elk Point Elks mixed spiel; the St. Paul Local A.T.A.; the Four-H Club; Dairy Club and many others.

The big main spiels are
The Men's Open, held the second week in February, when around forty-eight rinks bonspiel from Wednesday until Sunday;
The Ladies Open Bonspiel, which is a three-day event, with around thirty-two rinks;
The Farmers' Mixed Bonspiel, with twenty-eight to thirty rinks,
and the Open Mixed, which is always a good bonspiel.

Catering to the bonspiels is done by the Curling Club ladies, who do a good job, and are much appreciated.

During 1977 the curling rink was repainted and new lettering was put on. Thanks go to the town of Elk Point for this. It improves the appearance of the building very much.

The ladies work together with the men in the club, but they have their own officials. These are Inez Jacobson, President, and Gail Hurtubise, Vice-President.

Winners of the Grand Challenge Bonspiel for 1977 were as follows:
LADIES: Mrs. Morris, Skip; Rhoda Lorenson, 3rd; Mrs. Seal, 2nd; Iryne Buck, Lead.
MEN'S: A team from the York Hotel in Lac la Biche, composed of Daryl Nedjelski, Skip; Dwayne Young, Lead; Randy Coates, 2nd; Jim Lander, 3rd.
MIXED: Bob Merrick, Skip; Chris Merrick, 3rd; Lynall Slywka, 2nd; Donna Butner, Lead.
FARMERS: John Zayonce, Skip; Jim Adomaitis, 3rd; Mike Oryschuk, 2nd; Orest Kapjack, Lead.

1977 marked the thirty-sixth continuous year of activity of the Elk Point Curling Club.