Dental 1977

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Dr. Dave Didow graduated from the U. of A. in May 1957 and opened a dental practice in Elk Point June 11, 1957 in Dan Windiuk's building. In January, 1960 Dr. Didow moved to his own new office across from the United Church and next to Mrs. Leo Babcock's. He practised in Elk Point for twenty years. His staff consisted of Anne Tokar, dental assistant; Linda Yarmuch, dental hygientist; and Ruby Yarmuch, dental receptionist.

On April 1, 1977, Dr. Didow closed his office to become employed by Medical Services Dept. of National Health and Welfare providing dental treatment for Treaty Indian school children at the following school systems, Good Fish Lake, Saddle Lake, Kehewin, Cold Lake, Frog Lake Onion Lake and Chipewyan Indian Reserves

A new dentist will be taking over Dr. Didow's practise September 1978.