Higgin's Apiaries 1977


by Paul Higgins

The employees who helped me in 1977 were Gordon Arnott, Mitchell Zarowny, Kenny Stewart, Maureen Stewart, Angela Kondla and Sharon Habiak. This work is seasonal and so it lends itself to hiring some students each year.

Higgins Apiaries

The main products are honey and beeswax. An important service performed by the bees is the pollination of crops such as rapeseed, alfalfa, clovers, fruit trees, berries, cucumbers, etc.

1977 was a year in which honey production was lower than usual because of the cool wet summer; however, prices rose somewhat from the depressed levels of 1976.

This year construction started on a new extracting plant and warehouse. It is a green steel structure seventy-five feet long by fifty feet wide and will have a cement floor. Hopefully it can also be used for sheltering several hundred hives over winter and thus reduce the number of imported bees