Elk Point Western Cemetery


1supptext78_62.gifby Grace Pinder


ELK POINT CEMETERY WEST. Ken Pinder and Leon Babcock mowing.

On June 16, 1977, several interested volunteers gathered at the cemetery with their lawnmowers, rakes, grass clippers, etc. for their annual clean-up day. Dick McGinnis brought his tractor and mounted mower to mow the east portion, saving many steps for those with the lawn-mowers. When all was tidy, we sat down to a pot-luck lunch and a short meeting followed.


ELK POINT CEMETERY WEST. Isobel Valentine and Dick McGinnis tidying up.

Three of our early pioneers were buried there this past year. Mr. Harold Smith died on March 6 at the age of seventy-three; (Mrs.) Elizabeth Day on April 20, at ninety-six years and (Mrs.) Nettie Flanders on October 24, at the age of eighty-two. (Mrs.) Patricia Bedard, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Magnusson passed away in Calgary on August 23, at the early age of forty-two and she was laid to rest here.

The present executive:
President-Ronald Flanders
Vice-President-Melvin McGinnis
Secretary-Treasurer-Grace Pinder
Directors-(Mrs.) Neva Beattie
Don Pinder
Larry Babcock
Clifton Magnusson
Bud Smith (who replaced his father Harold Smith this year)