The Railway Schedule

The Railway Schedule was in a small booklet that covered the departure and arrival times in all of western Canada including parts of Ontario so passengers could figure out when they would leave and arrive with some accuracy (in good weather).

Cover of Railway Schedule

This is the April 24th 1955 to September 24 1955 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Coranado Line which ran from Edmonton to St Paul to Heinsburg as well as to Bonnyvile and Grand Centre.

Coranado Schedule 1955

The trail left Edmonton at 3:30 one day and returned at 1:10 the next day. 

There were two trains listed on the run, 96 and 95. On the run from Edmonton they would meet at the triangle junction at Abilene (near Ashmont) and some cars were exchanged so passengers could go to either Bonnyville or Heinsburg. On the next days run, passengers from Bonnyville could transfer at Abilene and go to St Paul or go to Edmonton. Similarly, passengers from the Heinsburg branch could go to Bonnyville or to Edmonton.

Thank you to Laverne Wilson for providing this artifact.