Sears 1977

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by Doreen Watson

I, Doreen Watson, have been manager of Simpson Sears in Elk Point since January 8, 1974, when I took over from the former manager, Mrs. Iverson. The office was moved from its previous location south of the Arrow Theatre to the Elk Point Billiards building on Main Street. On November 11, 1978, we moved to the building across from the curling rink.

At first we received mail three times a week by C.N. truck which carried the large items, and daily by mail which consisted of hampers filled with small items. Starting in July of 1977 a Sears Line Haul Carrier delivers our mail daily. Some business is still done by mail. When I first starfed, delivery of large items took approximately three weeks; now it takes only one week.

As the town and country has developed, business has increased accordingly. This requires more help in the office. Presently I work full-time, one girl comes in three days a week, a school girl comes part-time, and I will hire another girl for two to three days a week.

Simpson Sears thanks all their customers for their patronage.